Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy MrsC and Her Knee

Tomorrow morning Kathy and I will go to the hospital so that she can have her knee replacement surgery. Her knees have bothered her for longer than either of us care to remember. She is finally going to ‘take the leap’ and have them done…one at a time. I ask for your prayers and meditations for her and her surgeon…that she may have a smooth, successful surgery. I also ask for your prayers for me to be the best support I can be…from day one to day whenever. This will be an ‘adventure’ for certain for the both of us…hopefully as pain free as possible. I have been reading up on what to expect and do, and I have put together the appropriate collection of aids…walker, shower bench, potty accessory , etc. I guess we are good to go. I pray that she will be soon back to the things that give her pleasure…her kids at school and all their little projects…her beekeeping…I don’t know about me:-)

Peace and Blessings

Mr C (Jeff)


  1. Good luck, but you won't even need it! My neighbor had her knee replacement and six weeks later she was up and good to go. And MUCH MUCH happier. Mrs. C will soon have that beautiful smile back on her face!

  2. Good luck with your surgery !
    My sister-in-law had the knee replacement surgey and said she would have it done all over again, it's been such a success.
    Someone will be playing "Mr. Mom "

  3. i will be praying for her and you for sure!!

  4. Thought I would come by and see if you had posted any news on Mrs C and how she is doing. Let her know I am thinking of her and my post it note to remind me to pray this morning did its job. I will continue to pray for her speedy recovery because I know how much you all need her.

  5. I forgot I wanted to tell you my Jeff and I watched Julie Julia last night and if you and Mrs C have not seen it you should. It was a great movie. And Jeff and I watched the movie about the Autistic lady Mrs C suggested and enjoyed that one also.

  6. Sorry I'm just now reading about your surgery. Best of luck with the PT that you are now doing.