Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Journey Ends...Another Begins

Its Saturday Centus time once again...a time to explore our creative writing wherewithal. So, with a fabulous prompt from Judie, and hopefully in 100 words or less, let the writing begin. This week's prompt is in bold italics. Please go to Saturday Centus and check out some wonderful short pieces of juicy writing... Namaste...

Belying her outward, calm confidence, Christine had led a life of unsettled disconnectedness. Adopted as a baby, she had, for as long as she could remember, felt a certain resentment, yet not knowing who or what to resent. It was as if her legs had been amputated, leaving her with a life-long debilitating handicap.

Christine spent the last two years acquiring her adoption records and subsequently searching for her biological mother, only to find out she had passed on two months earlier. Saddened, yet sufficiently determined to see this through, she traveled to her mother's home to meet her 'family' and to find out about her roots.

The family allowed Christine to go through her mother's effects. She came across a large trunk containing bundles of letters. As she lifted the stacks of letters from the ancient chest, a certain warmth of hope came over her...hope that she would at last find connection, and that her mother had not lost that which connects a mother and child.

Jenny Matlock

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ghost Crow

I love crows and am forever fascinated by their intelligence and persistence through all types of weather. A recent snowstorm brought a few to some bird seed spilt on the ground beneath my bird feeders. I knew that if I opened my front door they would spook and fly off. So, I took this shot through a beveled, sidelight window. The beveled edge of the glass gave up this interesting "Ghost Crow"reflection?

This image is posted as a response to Weekend Reflections, hosted by James. Please take time to visit his blog and check out the many wonderful reflection photographs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alien Adventure

Another Saturday Centus...another opportunity to do some creative writing...writing based on a written or visual prompt. More importantly, a test to see if I can do it in the prescribed 100 words or less. This week's prompt takes us in a new use the prompt "Beam me up Scotty", and write something in the sci-fi genre. I like sci-fi...a lot. Funny thing that I had been involved in some hands on sci-fi work and writings this past week, and had actually written the words "Beam me up Scotty". So, my Centus work today is based on this strange occurrence from this past week...not a rehash mind you, but a more concise and fresh approach. I would not want to feed you literary leftovers. If you would like the more complete story check out my post, Snalien Adventure.

My propensity for believing all is possible was tested yesterday. Gazing out to my snow-covered yard, I saw five, small, pastel-colored alien-like creatures. I quickly put on my clothes and stepped outside, walking slowly towards them. By some strange and mystical fashion we were able to communicate...that they were Snaliens from the planet Alkazeltzera, and had come to mine snow, a most important, life-supporting element for Snaliens. I communicated that they could have all they wanted, and offered to help them. After we had filled their golden spaceship, they asked if I would like to journey back with them to Alkazeltzera. I smiled, and quietly said, "Beam me up Scotty".

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Journey Begins

Another Saturday, another Centus...or should we say quarter centus, quentus perhaps? As if I do not normally struggle to confine my writings to 100 words...this week we are allowed only 25. Well, I can play this game by golly! The sentence below is my offering to the quentus gods...our prompt in bold italics. What's next...a uni-centus? I've got a word in mind for that one...Peace and blessings...

With the lottery ticket in his pocket, and an innate desire to change the world in his heart, Ben journeyed from his small hometown to claim his future.

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snalien Adventure

We have had near record amounts of snow this past week, and plenty of cold weather to go with it. It snowed and snowed, and stayed and stayed. We did not get out in a car until yesterday afternoon. For some reason I felt compelled to do the snowman thing. I came up with a novel approach to it using an alien theme...thusly "Snaliens". The story follows the photos...Enjoy...peace and blessings

Francois and Pierre
Francois, Pierre and Genevieve
Francois, Pierre, Genevieve, Elvis and Winona
Elvis and Winona
Day 1-
Do not fear, my little woodland creature friends. I am a Snalien. I come in peace, searching for snow. Our race needs snow for fuel, water, food...I am made of snow. I will fill my golden spaceship with your snow and return to Alkazeltera. Our Snalien world will be saved! Thank you little woodland creatures.

Day 2-
The Snalien story continues...just yesterday we had a visitor here on West Watkins St....a Snalien(the one on the left) from the planet Alkazelztera in search of snow. In short supply on Alkazelztera, snow is essential for life for the Snaliens. Being we have such an abundance of the stuff, they decided to come here to mine snow, fill their golden spaceship and return home. The woodland creatures were the first to greet our new guest yesterday. I quickly followed with a formal welcome, and found out that the Snalien goes by the name of Francois...perhaps born in Quebec? Well, back to snow mining. Francois had to call reinforcements...(rememberthere is a butt load of snow). Lo and behold, Pierre arrived today via an Alkazelztera Super Shuttle to assist Francois with the snow mining. Our friendly woodland creatures were out to welcome Pierre. With all this snow, I can only wonder if Francois and Pierre will need more assistance?? Perhaps I will offer them a hand...
Day 3-
Well, it's been mighty cold, and such hard work mining snow...the boys decided they needed some female company. So, by super duper fast Alkazelzertan shuttle comes their bestest friend, Genevieve. Genevieve has beautiful blue eyes and ruby-red lips...and such delicate hands, not meant for snow mining. Looks like she might be a good back scratcher. Perhaps our friendly woodland creatures will come welcome her shortly.{please note that I do not intend this as a sexist story...I'm just having fun}

I did find out why these Snaliens have French names. They did indeed visit Quebec on another snow mining mission. Their Alkazelzteran Snalien names are just to impossible to pronounce. French names are so beautiful and just roll off the tongue. Their hosts in Quebec thought these names would be easier.

I am not certain yet as to the relationship of our trio, one to the other...boyfriend, girlfriend, just friends...I'm not sure...and I know little of Snalien culture. I will keep you posted on any new developments. Beam me up Scotty ;-)
Day 4-
Wow! You would not believe what has been happening here since Genevieve arrived on the scene yesterday. This morning I went out to see if they needed anything and lo and behold there were two new Snaliens...and they did not arrive by shuttle from Alkazeltzera. Two new baby Snaliens. I do not understand their culture or biology so I cannot comment further on just what happened?? Their parents (not sure who's who or what or how) named them, but as I said before, Snalien names are quite impossible to pronounce, so I decided to give these cuties some down home southern names...Elvis is on the left(notice the resemblance?) and sweet Winona with the beautiful purple feather hair. So what started as one lone visitor from the planet Alkazelztera has now become one large happen family of Snaliens.

Other developments: Snalien arch enemy, Motur, from the planet Calrondu, crash landed here today. I have been in negotiations with Motur for most of the day. Motur would normally eat Snaliens. Using my finest skills of intergalactic mediation, I have convinced Motur to leave my Snalien friends alone. In exchange for this brief peace amongst intergalactic residents, I have offered my enormous skills at spacecraft repair to help him return to his home planet. I will hope that he will take this bit of good hospitality home with him and convince others from Calrondu that war is not the answer. Out in the galaxy as here on Earth, love is and will be the only solution.

I will keep you posted on further developments (I am trying to convince our large Snalien family to return here after they have delivered the life saving snow back to Alkazeltzera)...I remain hopeful...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quiet Resolve

The snow gone from the ground, springtime sounds and scents blanketed her world. Her crumpled up list of resolutions lay dusty in that corner. The wrinkles of the paper secreting wishes and hopes made hastily, like pudding. The wrinkles of the paper, like the wrinkles of her face, revealing a wisdom acquired over time...understanding that winter is not a good time for change.

Jenny Matlock