Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back Then

Radical Sixteen- new school(with girls!), protesting war, smoking pot, interested in the 'classroom of life'.

Well, that's it! All 16 words for this our 83rd week of Saturday Centus. This was a good short exercise, as I like to ponder the past sometimes. It may be apparent to you that the photo is not of moi when i was 16. I do however find it interesting to look at this picture and wonder what I was pondering...did I have some idea as to how divergent I would become from my upbringing, and how troublesome I would become to my mother. Perhaps it was all starting right there at that moment behind that pensive look. Ah...the idyllic and promising 50s would soon give way to the turbulent 60s, and the rest is history as they say. Wish I still had that blond hair ;-)Peace and blessings
Jenny Matlock

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Asking for Forgiveness

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing", when we should really be asking his forgiveness for abiding a country whose leaders applaud and abet active citizen protest in the Middle East at the same time denigrating and pepper spraying those engaged in such here. We should ask his forgiveness for abiding a situation where an infant in Milwaukee has a 220% greater chance of dying than an infant in Guangzhou China, for abiding a situation where one in five of our children live in poverty, and for abiding a system of law that does not apply to large corporations or the wealthy. We should however ask the Lord's blessings to empower us to change our ways.

Peace and blessings to you all...
Jenny Matlock

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Confined in this wheelchair, body trapped by insidious disease, mind trapped by body, I watch the world go by, as I often do from this sunny perch on my porch. I cannot engage the world on my own terms. Sophisticated computer technology enables me to read, write, scan the internet, and look at photographs. I find myself often staring at this one photograph...a group of young kids in their golden soccer jerseys and black shorts, getting last minute instructions from their coach. I wonder about this one girl with her short, wildly red hair, marked by the #6 on the back of her jersey. Half step back from the group, obviously confident, no need to listen. A striker for sure with one mission, to secure the ball on a breakaway and with a confident sharp strike send the ball to the back of the net. Am I reading too much into this picture, which seemingly shows so little? Perhaps, except that I was that #6, confident striker, the one serving up the goals. Now, confined in this wheelchair, body trapped by disease, mind trapped by body, a future entrapped by memory...

Jenny Matlock

Monday, August 22, 2011

If I Die Young

I do not fear
an early departure for me.
It is she I worry about.
This I plainly see.

I will be cruising the cosmos
on gossamer wings.
She will be left here on earth
dealing with my things.

If I die young,
I hope she knows
of the love deep inside
that everyday grows
in me...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost in Space

Plasma ray torpedoes fired...
how would I escape...?
Suddenly woken
from my nightmare...
bright light pouring in
to starboard window...
star sucked into black hole...
Spaceometer reading 8 b ly...
CPS unit reading...
A laugh out loud moment...
save for being lost...
at the edge...
of the universe.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rainbow of My Mind

delicate seed planted
in god's rich earth...
lucky to sprout,
determined to survive...
stalk reaching to sky,
bending to sun,
of fickle breezes...
bursting forth
with bud,
none too soon
for me...
petals unfolding,
blossom revealing
the rainbows
in my mind...
the musical color
in the depths
of my soul...
"Vous etes mon soleil,
apport de la lumiere
a ma nuit foncee"

Thus, my offering for this week's Centus...prompted by the famous song title, "You are my sunshine." A lovely song, a delightful, swaying undoubtably sung from many a saddle...please take the time to check out what often prove to be remarkable stories, poetry and such at Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. I am now going to check out the last 7 entries from last week...because I should, and because it will give me twice the chance to win Jenny's special prize...and I'm all for prizes ;-)

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Desert Summers

the heat, yes
the desert
summer day.
as 'they' say,
you could cook
an egg
on the sidewalk.

hurrying from car
to building,
spending little time
in energy

oh, but those
desert nights,
those cool
desert nights.
like this night,
this moonless,
eggless night.

cold Margarita
in hand.
my company,
the saguaro,
the coyote.
i lay back
in my
lounging chair,
looking upward
to the sky...
star studded,
like a diamond
broach, pinned
The Universe...

Whatever you call this writing attempt...perhaps poetry of is based on our Saturday Centus prompt which, this week, is a photograph of what appears to be an egg cooking on a hot sidewalk.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gets in the Way

before I die, I want to...
learn how to forgive.
without forgiveness,
little else of deep meaning
is possible...

Jenny Matlock

Who, Where, Why...

Saturday Centus #64. Just when I was in the mood to write the perfect vignette story, hoping that somehow Jenny was going 'out of the box' and maybe allow us 200 words...good luck! This week our prompt is nearly as long as our word restraint of 15. This suggests that 1) Jenny is not a mind least not mine, and 2) that our teacher is in charge...'do or die'...speaking of death, and not that I care to ponder its morbidity, our prompt goes something like this..."before I die I want to..." Suffice it that a mere 15 words would not begin to cover this subject. I am ok with that inasmuch as I believe I have lived many lives before this one, so, perhaps what I did not get to in this one, just maybe I covered before or will get to later. Point is, it seems, is that doing this or that, going here and there, having such and such is not important...the importance in it all may lie in the emotions...the clarity of that moment, those moments when we have that feeling, those feelings that are beyond words, beyond description...the moment which fuses past, present, future, and the whole of the universe into a precise, unexplainable 'entity...' I have tried to capture such a moment with this photograph. Now I will give a go and try to explain in what are obviously too few words, my desire.

before I die I want to...
know the truth...
who we are...
where did we come from...
why we are here...

Peace and blessings

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short and to the Point

Saturday Centus...and 25 words...oh my...5, 25, 50, 100...I can do this, I can do anything. I may not be getting any younger, but I am getting better...although my creative vision often trumps my abilities to put vision to paper. Somehow though, as usually happens, the vision came to me in an instant...question is can I translate the feel of the moment in so few words? Perhaps with a little ESP working, some of you might feel it, see it, wrap your heads around it...I hope so.

"Anything else hon?"
"No, thanks."

She returned with the check...and an unexpected note...
I'm off at me out front...

What the heck, I'm not getting any younger...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home...Not This Time

Some years had passed since I had left home. I had wanted to visit many times, it was just parents and I had not truly 'gotten along'. I left home under less than desirable circumstances. Back then it felt more like an 'escape' than a simple departure. Over the years I realized that you cannot run away from your past, and cultivated the hope that 'time heals everything'.

I left the interstate, deciding to drive the rest of the way through the countryside and small towns along Rt. 66. The miles ticked away as I passed through familiar places...Venita, White Oak, Bushyhead...the small towns forever etched in my childhood memories...all unchanged. Just past Bushyhead, something however did change. The landscape was unfamiliar. Had the distraction of childhood memories caused me to take a wrong turn? I could see a road sign in the distance. As I got closer I could read it, and the sign read...Hwy. 666...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lost In Translation

What if Francis Scott Key, a young, aspiring, 34 year old lawyer and amateur poet, had used his cell phone to text his poem, Defence of Ft. McHenry...a poem inspired by the view of a large, 30' x 42' American flag, made by Mary Young Pickersgill and her 13 year old daughter Caroline, and for that moment flying over Ft. McHenry...texting it to his dear wife Mary, as she huddled in their home with their 11 children during the war of 1812?

Well, it would have read something like this..."OsA cn UC by d dawn's erly lyt...OsA dz dat (*) spangled banner yet ~~~, over d l& of d fre n d hom of d brave"...

and...what if he had not be feeling poetically inclined? Well, he might have texted her saying..."Mary cn UC d big (_!_) flag @ d fort?" And if he had done that, then what would folks incorrectly mumble the lyrics to at ball games?

Thank you for bearing with me today and translating my silly attempt at interpreting our Saturday Centus prompt, "O! say can you see". Please check out what will certainly be an interesting and thoughtful collection of writings, poems and such at Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.

Jenny Matlock

Sunday, June 26, 2011

World Inside a Grain of Sand

Why is it so hard to be as good as I want to be? I seek a certain perfection...not perfection as we might think. I am not a perfect success. I am not a perfect writer, poet, artist. I was not perfect in my careers. I am not a perfect husband or father, although those attributes would be worth the challenge I think. I have not perfectly challenged and beaten back the fears and anxieties of life, although I have spent some thought and time seeking that. The perfection I seek is more one of attitude and disposition. I want to achieve perfection in understanding, compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness. On the surface it may seem that these attributes are simple, free, instantly accessible. We do not have to cross an ocean to find them. We do not have to climb tall mountains seeking them. We do not have to hone our skills for years to know them...or do we? Can an eternity of compassion be found in a moment? Could all the love of the cosmos be contained in a small box just in front of me, within reach, if I could only, truly open my 'eyes' and see it? Could love, compassion and all that I seek be contained in that grain of sand in my pocket?

Why is it hard to be as good as I want to be? Perhaps I am where I am meant to be...need to be...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Short Note To Say...

Men in the trenches
of that big foreign war
left loved ones behind
as they walked out the door.
"Dear John", the many
thousands of letters would read,
'I have found someone else
who'll better fill my need'.
Often no details were given,
more often a short note...
"Dear John, love you, goodbye",
and that's all she wrote.

Yes, its Saturday, and not just any Saturday. It is Saturday Centus, #60 celebration!! Woo-hoo!! Whoopee!!Can't believe we've made it this far through the insanity. Jenny, instead of giving me a prompt that would lend laughter to this joyous occasion, has sent me in a different and predictable direction with her "Dear John". I do hope that some of you will be able to take it in a different direction...something contrary to broken lives, broken hearts. Maybe its just me...that I am perpetually inclined to write about the sad things in life...a troubled romantic. That being said, I can't wait to read what you have written, in 60 words or less. Peace...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Domi Gutu (A Short Story)

Another Saturday, another Centus, another opportunity to explore this universe in my see if I can match thought to word, drawing inspiration from a prompt...much to my surprise, my own prompt, "Within the Stone". I am compelled to share with you its origin. Within the Stone is the name of a coffee table book of photographs...closeup photos of the polished surfaces of rocks...taken by Bill Atkinson. It is a remarkable book that combines free association, literary pieces from seven guest writers with some 70 photographs. As stated on the inside of the dust jacket..." Atkinson opens a vault beneath our feet, revealing to our astonished eyes the tumult of color, form, and desire hidden Within the Stone."

From early childhood to present, I have been a lover of rocks, stones, geology...and photography. With this book, Mr. Atkinson is speaking to my passions. I was once told I had spent a past life as an Egyptian stone mason, working on the pyramids. When I heard this it all made sense to me...
Help, I'm a Rock
Help, I'm a Rock
Help, I'm a Rock
- Frank Zappa

Domi Gutu (A Short Story)

Sun shining hot
repressive, voracious
sucking energy
my lifeblood from me...
Circumstance of fate
tore me from my village
my family,
dropping me in
this hell.
Grubby, bloody hands
scooping rock, mud, water
into round, screened pan.
Within the stone
lies my misery,
and redemption.
Amidst these hot depths
of terraced, muddy walls,
I hear the voices...
my wife, my children
Tamba, we love you
Tamba, come home...
"I ti der bepi okuru o solo" ( I shall come, God willing)

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wall

The wall was built long ago, by whom no one is certain. It is known to be ancient, dated to 400 AD. Cherokee legend holds that the wall was built, the area nearby inhabited, by a tall, bearded, "moon-eyed" race of people. Intriguing as these mysteries may be, this wall holds very special memories for me.

As young children, Matthew and I played over and along this thousand foot wall atop Ft. Mountain, devising make believe battles, pitting good against evil, sharing and trading our fantasy roles. As teenagers, we made love here...a small tent pitched at the base of the wall, beneath star-studded skies. Matthew was my first love...a love grown from friendship, evolved, and ultimately a relationship 'broken' by common circumstance. After high school I left to pursue an art degree at a small college in Rhode Island. Matthew left town to pursue...adventure!

Oh, we stayed in touch over the years, seeing one another on various occasions that would bring us back home. Yet, we rarely talked of our shared adventures on that mountain. Now, some 30 years since we left town, we have decided to return to the wall and see what great mysteries might await us there.

The wall was built long ago. For that we are certain. Yet, we are equally as certain that our friendship will remain long after these rocks, this wall, have crumbled into dust.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Convenient Journey

The end
is not
the end.
It is
It is
for those
in need
of a
to mark
the journey.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Create Love, Not War

The legacy of heroes
marred by the few
who would take us to war
without a clue
of who we are fighting
and what we are fighting for.

I've had enough.
I say no more.
What we need are leaders
who understand love...
that is in each of us,
that comes from above.

An eternity of warring
could come to an end.
We could start now.
Please let us begin
to heal the wounds,
forget the past...
from this moment forward
build a peace
that will last.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Thread That Runs, Part 2

It was a bright, sunny day, and all was just right as Nell rocked in harmony with the universe. Just as she was a about to take the glass of lemonade to her lips, she noticed a beautiful, golden thread leading away from the porch. She set her glass down, and followed the thread, perfectly visible, sparkling in the noonday sun. It led through the trees and across the grassy meadow. In the distance she saw what appeared to be a large, golden needle laying on the ground, the golden thread running through the eye. Just as she was about to crawl through the eye, she the sound of Baby Jean crying...and her mother singing softly, "hush little baby, don't you cry...", soft and sweet as she had sung to her...

A Thread That Runs, Part 1

The rain drops beat loudly on the metal roof of the cabin Nell called home. High atop this peaceful mountain, in the cabin in which she was born, Nell shared life with her mother Irma, grandmother Winona, and her precious Baby Jean. Nell went to school during the day, and in the evening after homework and tending to Baby Jean she would take sewing instruction from her mother and grandmother...both known throughout these hills for their superb craftsmanship.

Nell could hardly think with the din of rain on the tin roof. She was rightly tired and laid down to rest. A few minutes passed and she was fast asleep...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'd Like To...

The world is not a happy place
We've let the morons rule our space
I'd like to teach the world to sing
A song that has a happy ring
With a chorus to drown what the morons say
A refrain so sweet to brighten the day.

Jenny Matlock

Monday, May 2, 2011

Marking Time

"Katy and I have been married just a bit over a year. We celebrated our first anniversary last Wednesday. I spent a great deal of effort finding just the right traditional and modern anniversary gifts. She was pleased with both. As we celebrated the first of what we hoped would be many milestones, little did we know what we would face in a short few days.

Although the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper, it is the tall grandfather clock that remains, standing amidst the ruins of our new house. It is marking time, moving forward, much as our marriage must move forward through this setback."

Congratulations to Jenny and all Centusians for our one year anniversary. I am a bit late in posting, as we had been without power for 4 days, as a result of a catastrophic storm system. This historic storm system spawned record numbers of tornadoes in our area, an area that rarely sees such dangerous phenomena. The storm system lasted for over 14 hours. Their were three tornado spawning waves. Many lives were lost. We faired much better than many, with no known damage to life or property. It was nonetheless scary. We sought refuge in the basement three times. We know many people whose lives were affected in dramatic fashion. The photograph I post with this was taken between storm waves from atop Lookout Mtn. at the hang gliding jump off spot. It is a view across Lookout Valley to Sand Mtn. Alabama. We began to see a lightning storm over Sand Mtn. and thought it was time to hurry back home to prepare for "round two". It was this very storm brewing that would spawn the EF-3 tornado which would wreak havoc and claim two lives in the community of Trenton, GA in the valley below.

Lives are forever changed here. We now have a new community mindset as regards tornadoes.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vision Quest

This week's Centus prompt is a photograph of a man dressed in a royal blue, velvet bunny suit...from the sublime to the ridiculous. How can my yearning to write something serious and deep find a resting place in such a photograph? Alas, my yearning will have to be put off to another week. I never seem to fail, however, to connect one dot with another...

starting to over the 2-way..."jeff, you need to come into the office...they want you in Texas...tomorrow"...the plains of north dakota, unique and an easy survey...yet, this familiar lunch time vista of plains rolling into sprawling lake sakakawea...soon fading into my rear-view...heading back to check-in...packing gear...heading all time to waste...familiar challenge...non-stop caffeine and pot...midnight snack of champions...late night radio talk iced with hard driving rock...all comes to a head when, somewhere in oklahoma i stop in the middle of the road...avoiding collision with man dressed in royal blue bunny suit... a vision for quest i am on...few miles later blue man bunny again...then again...need to sleep...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Fate" by Tina: A Review

Just when I was psyched to get all creative this, no, no...Jenny must have anticipated my desire, no, my need to let the pen flow into a new, wildly creative direction. Took the wind from my sails, she has. Jenny's challenge this week is for me to review another's work. I am to choose a post from last week's know, the one about April showers and May flowers. Why can't she just let the May flowers come on up? Ah, but mine is not to question why...mine is but to do her bidding, or drop the class.

With all the wonderful Centus writers and posts, how could I choose which post to review? Perhaps an offering from a friend? Maybe an especially, extraordinarily good write? I will do what I often do when I start to read and comment on the posts. I shall pick something towards the end of the list, something that might go under noticed. Well, did I get lucky! There was an offering from Tina, my friend, and extraordinary writer. This is the link to her offering.

Now, on to the review.

Tina once again exhibits an amazing ability to convey the feel of a scene, and a depth of emotion with her characteristic and uncanny word choice. Her piece, titled "Fate", explores what I believe to be a broken, lesbian relationship between her central, unnamed character, and her departed lover, April. The relationship having ended three months earlier, our central character has literally closed herself up in "lonely" darkness, losing interest in all, save "staring into space", and the occasional quick, "ready" meal. All is not lost. Hope, in its often quirky, "Fate" like fashion, arrives in the form of a knock on the door, and an exceptional grin on the face of a new neighbor, appropriately named May.
Jenny Matlock

Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Showers Today

It is time once again for Saturday Centus...that weekly, prompted, creative writing blog...brought to us by the often whimsical, always delightful Jenny Matlock. This week she has provided us with a most appropriate, definitely seasonal prompt..."April showers bring May flowers". We have all heard this 'rhyme' many, many times, yet not until this morning did I know from whence it came. In 1557, a certain gentleman, named Thomas Tusser, compiled a collection of writings he called " A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry". In the April Husbandry section he wrote:

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers

This short poem may reflect not only on the science of seasonality and green growing things, but on ideas of patience and longing. So, without further ado I will present my offering, a bit of a departure from my normal creative leanings.

This cliched compact...taking a more complex thought, process, and putting it into a short 'sound bite'. Really now, how could a shower bring flowers? Have you ever seen flowers falling from the sky in the wet grip of globulous rain drops? Maybe you have. Maybe I have, but this occurrence would not be routine. I will not regale you with the complex science behind this rhyme. That would take more than my 100 word allotment, and I am quickly running out. I will however tell you that today is THE day for my 45 year, Class of 1966, Elementary School Reunion. Yes, you read it correctly...Elementary School. As much as I love, and as much as we need, the rain...I wish for none today, and will hope that April showers bring May flowers to Jenny, out there in the desert hinterlands. Now, just who is May?

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Never Know-Part Two

You Never Know- Part Two

Jenny's most recent email read,"Forrest, we have the same Spring Break coming up. You must come out for a visit." My immediate reply..."Ok...hmmm...Yes, I will."

Bags packed, grades turned in, I headed north on 188,then turned onto West I-10. Biloxi, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Beaumont, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Las Cruces, Tucson, and finally many towns and cities along this singular stretch of much time to think about what I would find when I reached my destination.

Within minutes of exiting I-10 onto the Superstition Highway I saw the sign, "Stapley Drive, Exit 181, 1/2 Mile Ahead". The anticipation was killing me. Nervous? Yes...but I had come to far to turn back now. In just a few minutes I would meet the person that could change the course of my life...forever. Life is like a box of chocolates...

Jenny Matlock

You Never Know-Part One

Another Saturday...another Centus...a prompted creative writing exercise brought to us by Ms. Jenny Matlock. Excluding the prompt, we can respond, in 100 words or less, via poetry, prose, really anything we wish. This week's prompt was provided by "Mr. Jenny", and reads as follows...Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead. I have taken this prompt and created something which exceeds my 100 word limit. I will 'cheat' and turn it into a two-parter. Please note: The names and places are real, circumstances fictional.

You Never Know- Part One

So many months had passed since Jenny and I had met online. Meeting someone online was not a particularly unusual thing these days. Thousands, indeed millions, are hooking up all the time through the various online 'Matchmakers'. I would assume that most would prefer their matches to live nearby. It just so happened that I had unwittingly checked the box that left the distance thing wide open. Jenny lived near Phoenix and I in a small town west of Mobile.

We had much in common, she a writer and English professor at Mesa Community College, and myself an English teacher at Peter F. Alba Middle School in Bayou La Batre.
Jenny Matlock

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busted for Growing Pot to Ease Suffering from Chemotherapy and Hemophilia, Couple Prepares to Surrender for 5-Year Prison Terms | Drugs | AlterNet

I have decided to begin posting a news story each day. Stories may be controversial. It is my intention to engage you, to solicit your opinions, and possibly enlighten you and myself in the process.

Although there may seem to be more important issues than that of Medical Marijuana, this controversy speaks to so many issues...States Rights, Personal Rights and Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Tax Revenue Priorities.

For myself...I am convinced that if and when the Big Pharma finds a way to corner the market on prescription cannabinoids, the laws will change. I think that Big Pharma fears two things...that current state laws protecting individual rights to use medical cannabis undermines the cozy relationship that they have with the federal government, and that medical cannabis might trump the need for many of their expensive products. If the laws change across this country it will be difficult for Big Pharma to control the marketplace without the reality and/or appearance of collusion with the government.

I am anxious to hear your opinions on this subject...

Peace and blessings

Busted for Growing Pot to Ease Suffering from Chemotherapy and Hemophilia, Couple Prepares to Surrender for 5-Year Prison Terms | Drugs | AlterNet

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frank and Sue

There was once a rooster named Frank
Who was married to a hen named Sue.
Frank drank, and landed in the tank.
Sue stewed and said they were through.
Frank's heart sank as he sat in the tank,
And into the corner of his cell he shrank.
But Sue, kind hearted Sue, became blue
Thinking of Frank, and their love so true.
So, Sue being musical, made up a song,
A song she sang the whole day long.
"I'm not a chicken
of the Col. Sanders kind,
I'm a lovin gal,
married to Frank,
who's in the tank
because he drank...
I'll bail him out,
we'll scream and shout
there is no doubt,
but in the end
we'll work it out.
I'm a chicken..."

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Is Your Life

It was late into the evening, well past my bedtime. The novel I was reading...wonderfully engaging, difficult to put down. I placed the bookmark, thinking I would rest my eyes for a moment, then continue.

Suddenly, I found myself seated, alone in a large, dimly lit Art Deco theater. A royal, red velvet curtain ran the length of the stage. A certain warm, welcoming feeling quickly overcame my initial confusion. I sank comfortably into the cushioned chair, awaiting my 'special' performance. Slowly the curtain parted, revealing a stage filled with people...all the people I had ever known or would ever know in my lifetime...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Intelligence: A Matter of Perception

Ben was a kind, hard working fellow, a solid family man, and reliable friend. He had spent 38 years of his life in the maintenance department at the plant. That is until the plant closed in late 2008. Plant operations moved overseas. His pension vanished, as had his dream of a reasonably comfortable retirement for he and his wife. Although kind hearted, hard working and reliable, he had never been accused of being intelligent. Yet, somehow Ben had managed to quietly and efficiently divert some $30 million dollars from the investment account of Goldman Sach's CEO to an untraceable account in the Caymans.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love At Any Age

It is time for Saturday Centus once again. SC is a prompted writing exercise. Excluding the prompt we are to write a creative response, in 100 words or less. This week's prompt, Everything depended upon this single card..., is one that has taken me back to my elementary school days. Perhaps I have these memories on my mind because of my recent activities in helping to plan a Class of '66, elementary school reunion. Anyway, I guess I am connecting the dots. Enjoy...Peace and blessings...

To suggest that love is not important at 12, is to underestimate the power of this singular human emotion. Freddie had for months now been infatuated with Linda. As the intensity of his 'love' grew,so grew his hesitancy to express his feelings. That was about to change. The night had arrived for the Dance School Christmas Formal. Wearing meticulously shined Weejuns and a new blue suit, Freddie entered the ballroom, and immediately began to fill out his dance card.

#1 Susan
#2 Jane
#3 Margy
#4 Linda

#4 Linda!! Yes, she had #4 open. Freddie's fate was sealed. Everything depended upon this single card, and Dance Number 4. Hopefully it would be a slow song.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A $20 Bill and a Parallel Universe

I am a Quantum Physics professor. Numbers and hunches are everything in this line of work. For the last week I have had a recurring dream, in which I am driving a top-down '66 T-bird along a lonely stretch of desert two-lane. In each dream I pass a billboard displaying a sequence of large numbers...38034886777...the exact numbers and sequence of my bank account, save for an additional "7" at the end. Sitting quietly in my office, I ponder the significance of this dream. Suddenly the phone rings.

" Fred...this is Alan. Would you like to join us at Grendel's for dinner and beers after work?"

" That'd be great Alan...need to stop by the ATM first. See ya a bit after 5."

I keyed in my account number and $20 withdrawal amount to the ATM machine, deciding to add the extra "7" from my dream. The ATM machine began dispensing twenties...and more twenties until my satchel was packed with $20 dollar bills.

Stay tuned for the continuing story...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, February 19, 2011

All I Can Offer

The sun sets over the western mountains. My thoughts briefly turn to home...a distant place, a fading memory. Centuries of war, the fears of men, the struggle for power over wealth and people have brought me to this place...where my power is limited, seemingly insignificant...power perhaps only in determining the future of my comrades on either side of me. I'd take a bullet for the man on my left. I'd catch a grenade for you on my right. In this senseless war, in this strange place, this is all I can offer. Perhaps it is enough.

Jenny Matlock

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Poem Of Love

Never quite certain
From whence I came
Or where I am going
Could be the same.

If that be true
Destinations cede
Importance to the journey
For you and me.

That we love
That we laugh
That we live...
Each moment's success
Hinging on how much we give.

Give of our souls
Created to be shared
Their warmth and comfort
Should not be spared.

So on this day
Reserved normally for two
I share my self, my soul
With all of you.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Superman Redux

I think that Jenny must have had a really bad week, and unfortunately Saturday Centusians were the only easy targets for frustration ventilation. I looked at our assignment using this somewhat obtuse photographic prompt and thought to myself, "What have I done to Jenny to cause this...this...I can't think of the words to describe my feelings, or perhaps I can't write them in a nice way..." Nonetheless, I can find a way to make lemonade from lemons. I am 'Super Writer' !! My offering below will most likely never claim space on a Hallmark Card...or any card for that matter. Suffice it to say, it will for now, and forever be my Love Song to Miss Jenny and All Saturday Centusians...Peace and blessings for all the love you can give and all that you get...may this Valentine's Day be your best yet!!

"I wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see...
I'm more than a bird...I'm more than a plane..."

Those words, that song
Remind me of that day
My whole life long.
When you sniffed my bottom,
You made a pass...
Dreams of life together,
We knew it could not last...

(ps...thanks to John Ondrasik for allowing me use of lyrics from the wonderful, Five For Fighting song, Superman)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sue and Hugh

Once again, Saturday is upon us, and with the arrival of the anticipated weekend, comes another opportunity to explore our creative writing wherewithal with the weekly meme, Saturday Centus. It is brought to us by the illustrious Ms Jenny Matlock, a quite accomplished writer indeed. SC provides a prompt, given this week by Miss Ames. This week's prompt is "It was growing bigger by the minute..."

WARNING!! My offering this week may be a bit beyond our normal PG rating (not much mind you). If this be bothersome, please do not venture beyond this point. It does prove that I have versatility beyond my normal uplifting, 'feel good' offerings. So without further ado, and hopefully not risking my good standing in the class, here we go. Oh, and BTW, for those word counters, I have managed this in under 100 words.

There was once a lusty cowgirl from Stinnett called Sue,
Whose bestest beau was a strapping cowboy named Hugh.
Hugh and Sue's life on the range was great, even grand,
Until that day when Hugh couldn't meet Sues,ummm, sexual demand.
Not meaning to be callous, Sue ordered some Cialis from Dallas,
Which, as we know, could cure Hugh's problematic phallus.
The package of Cialis was promptly shipped from Dallas to Stinnett.
They opened the bottle and Hugh took the pill that was in it,
And to their amazement,it was growing bigger by the minute.

Jenny Matlock

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunset Heron

This photograph is posted in response to the weekly photo blog, Weekend Reflections. I encourage you to visit and check out some amazing reflection photography...Peace

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Journey Ends...Another Begins

Its Saturday Centus time once again...a time to explore our creative writing wherewithal. So, with a fabulous prompt from Judie, and hopefully in 100 words or less, let the writing begin. This week's prompt is in bold italics. Please go to Saturday Centus and check out some wonderful short pieces of juicy writing... Namaste...

Belying her outward, calm confidence, Christine had led a life of unsettled disconnectedness. Adopted as a baby, she had, for as long as she could remember, felt a certain resentment, yet not knowing who or what to resent. It was as if her legs had been amputated, leaving her with a life-long debilitating handicap.

Christine spent the last two years acquiring her adoption records and subsequently searching for her biological mother, only to find out she had passed on two months earlier. Saddened, yet sufficiently determined to see this through, she traveled to her mother's home to meet her 'family' and to find out about her roots.

The family allowed Christine to go through her mother's effects. She came across a large trunk containing bundles of letters. As she lifted the stacks of letters from the ancient chest, a certain warmth of hope came over her...hope that she would at last find connection, and that her mother had not lost that which connects a mother and child.

Jenny Matlock

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ghost Crow

I love crows and am forever fascinated by their intelligence and persistence through all types of weather. A recent snowstorm brought a few to some bird seed spilt on the ground beneath my bird feeders. I knew that if I opened my front door they would spook and fly off. So, I took this shot through a beveled, sidelight window. The beveled edge of the glass gave up this interesting "Ghost Crow"reflection?

This image is posted as a response to Weekend Reflections, hosted by James. Please take time to visit his blog and check out the many wonderful reflection photographs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alien Adventure

Another Saturday Centus...another opportunity to do some creative writing...writing based on a written or visual prompt. More importantly, a test to see if I can do it in the prescribed 100 words or less. This week's prompt takes us in a new use the prompt "Beam me up Scotty", and write something in the sci-fi genre. I like sci-fi...a lot. Funny thing that I had been involved in some hands on sci-fi work and writings this past week, and had actually written the words "Beam me up Scotty". So, my Centus work today is based on this strange occurrence from this past week...not a rehash mind you, but a more concise and fresh approach. I would not want to feed you literary leftovers. If you would like the more complete story check out my post, Snalien Adventure.

My propensity for believing all is possible was tested yesterday. Gazing out to my snow-covered yard, I saw five, small, pastel-colored alien-like creatures. I quickly put on my clothes and stepped outside, walking slowly towards them. By some strange and mystical fashion we were able to communicate...that they were Snaliens from the planet Alkazeltzera, and had come to mine snow, a most important, life-supporting element for Snaliens. I communicated that they could have all they wanted, and offered to help them. After we had filled their golden spaceship, they asked if I would like to journey back with them to Alkazeltzera. I smiled, and quietly said, "Beam me up Scotty".

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Journey Begins

Another Saturday, another Centus...or should we say quarter centus, quentus perhaps? As if I do not normally struggle to confine my writings to 100 words...this week we are allowed only 25. Well, I can play this game by golly! The sentence below is my offering to the quentus gods...our prompt in bold italics. What's next...a uni-centus? I've got a word in mind for that one...Peace and blessings...

With the lottery ticket in his pocket, and an innate desire to change the world in his heart, Ben journeyed from his small hometown to claim his future.

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snalien Adventure

We have had near record amounts of snow this past week, and plenty of cold weather to go with it. It snowed and snowed, and stayed and stayed. We did not get out in a car until yesterday afternoon. For some reason I felt compelled to do the snowman thing. I came up with a novel approach to it using an alien theme...thusly "Snaliens". The story follows the photos...Enjoy...peace and blessings

Francois and Pierre
Francois, Pierre and Genevieve
Francois, Pierre, Genevieve, Elvis and Winona
Elvis and Winona
Day 1-
Do not fear, my little woodland creature friends. I am a Snalien. I come in peace, searching for snow. Our race needs snow for fuel, water, food...I am made of snow. I will fill my golden spaceship with your snow and return to Alkazeltera. Our Snalien world will be saved! Thank you little woodland creatures.

Day 2-
The Snalien story continues...just yesterday we had a visitor here on West Watkins St....a Snalien(the one on the left) from the planet Alkazelztera in search of snow. In short supply on Alkazelztera, snow is essential for life for the Snaliens. Being we have such an abundance of the stuff, they decided to come here to mine snow, fill their golden spaceship and return home. The woodland creatures were the first to greet our new guest yesterday. I quickly followed with a formal welcome, and found out that the Snalien goes by the name of Francois...perhaps born in Quebec? Well, back to snow mining. Francois had to call reinforcements...(rememberthere is a butt load of snow). Lo and behold, Pierre arrived today via an Alkazelztera Super Shuttle to assist Francois with the snow mining. Our friendly woodland creatures were out to welcome Pierre. With all this snow, I can only wonder if Francois and Pierre will need more assistance?? Perhaps I will offer them a hand...
Day 3-
Well, it's been mighty cold, and such hard work mining snow...the boys decided they needed some female company. So, by super duper fast Alkazelzertan shuttle comes their bestest friend, Genevieve. Genevieve has beautiful blue eyes and ruby-red lips...and such delicate hands, not meant for snow mining. Looks like she might be a good back scratcher. Perhaps our friendly woodland creatures will come welcome her shortly.{please note that I do not intend this as a sexist story...I'm just having fun}

I did find out why these Snaliens have French names. They did indeed visit Quebec on another snow mining mission. Their Alkazelzteran Snalien names are just to impossible to pronounce. French names are so beautiful and just roll off the tongue. Their hosts in Quebec thought these names would be easier.

I am not certain yet as to the relationship of our trio, one to the other...boyfriend, girlfriend, just friends...I'm not sure...and I know little of Snalien culture. I will keep you posted on any new developments. Beam me up Scotty ;-)
Day 4-
Wow! You would not believe what has been happening here since Genevieve arrived on the scene yesterday. This morning I went out to see if they needed anything and lo and behold there were two new Snaliens...and they did not arrive by shuttle from Alkazeltzera. Two new baby Snaliens. I do not understand their culture or biology so I cannot comment further on just what happened?? Their parents (not sure who's who or what or how) named them, but as I said before, Snalien names are quite impossible to pronounce, so I decided to give these cuties some down home southern names...Elvis is on the left(notice the resemblance?) and sweet Winona with the beautiful purple feather hair. So what started as one lone visitor from the planet Alkazelztera has now become one large happen family of Snaliens.

Other developments: Snalien arch enemy, Motur, from the planet Calrondu, crash landed here today. I have been in negotiations with Motur for most of the day. Motur would normally eat Snaliens. Using my finest skills of intergalactic mediation, I have convinced Motur to leave my Snalien friends alone. In exchange for this brief peace amongst intergalactic residents, I have offered my enormous skills at spacecraft repair to help him return to his home planet. I will hope that he will take this bit of good hospitality home with him and convince others from Calrondu that war is not the answer. Out in the galaxy as here on Earth, love is and will be the only solution.

I will keep you posted on further developments (I am trying to convince our large Snalien family to return here after they have delivered the life saving snow back to Alkazeltzera)...I remain hopeful...