Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Fate" by Tina: A Review

Just when I was psyched to get all creative this, no, no...Jenny must have anticipated my desire, no, my need to let the pen flow into a new, wildly creative direction. Took the wind from my sails, she has. Jenny's challenge this week is for me to review another's work. I am to choose a post from last week's know, the one about April showers and May flowers. Why can't she just let the May flowers come on up? Ah, but mine is not to question why...mine is but to do her bidding, or drop the class.

With all the wonderful Centus writers and posts, how could I choose which post to review? Perhaps an offering from a friend? Maybe an especially, extraordinarily good write? I will do what I often do when I start to read and comment on the posts. I shall pick something towards the end of the list, something that might go under noticed. Well, did I get lucky! There was an offering from Tina, my friend, and extraordinary writer. This is the link to her offering.

Now, on to the review.

Tina once again exhibits an amazing ability to convey the feel of a scene, and a depth of emotion with her characteristic and uncanny word choice. Her piece, titled "Fate", explores what I believe to be a broken, lesbian relationship between her central, unnamed character, and her departed lover, April. The relationship having ended three months earlier, our central character has literally closed herself up in "lonely" darkness, losing interest in all, save "staring into space", and the occasional quick, "ready" meal. All is not lost. Hope, in its often quirky, "Fate" like fashion, arrives in the form of a knock on the door, and an exceptional grin on the face of a new neighbor, appropriately named May.
Jenny Matlock


  1. Thank you so much jeff for picking mine. I am so honoured and touched that you did (brought a tear to my eye!)

    You understood the story perfectly. I always like to do a different take on the prompts with funny and unexpected turns. So its nice to see my writing is noticed and people can enjoy my stories like yourself.

    Your a good friend Jeff Thank You xx

    Now I just need to get my review post together and up. Tough one this week!

  2. Nice piece of writing for both Tina and you, Jeff!!

  3. Wow! I looked at this diferently. But I love your take on this story Jeff. Tina this was a great story and a great critique!~Ames

  4. Tina should feel very proud....a very powerful and unique review that hits to the core of the story! Great work!

  5. Jeff - you put me to shame! I have just posted my review of this piece by Tina & came at it completely differently! I loved your analysis of the piece & I'm in awe!

  6. Jeff, this is great! And Tina's work was intriguing. It's one I considered choosing myself.


  7. Jeff, a really well thought out review ... and Tina's work was wonderful.

  8. Very on target review. You envisioned the story just as I did and it was wonderfully written !

  9. A very thoughtful and interesting review, Jeff! Great job this week!

  10. Hooray! Two very good writers. Nice review, Jeff!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC-48-49-50

  11. Jeff, I appreciate your bravery in actually doing this weeks challenge!

    I re-read her story AFTER I read your review and it's so intriquing to me how it opened my eyes to different nuances in the story.

    She is an incredible writer...and so are you!

    My thought process took me somewhere else and I liked looking at this through your eyes.

    Sending Easter blessing to you and Kathy for a day filled with family and lots of devilled eggs!