Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Never Know-Part One

Another Saturday...another Centus...a prompted creative writing exercise brought to us by Ms. Jenny Matlock. Excluding the prompt, we can respond, in 100 words or less, via poetry, prose, really anything we wish. This week's prompt was provided by "Mr. Jenny", and reads as follows...Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead. I have taken this prompt and created something which exceeds my 100 word limit. I will 'cheat' and turn it into a two-parter. Please note: The names and places are real, circumstances fictional.

You Never Know- Part One

So many months had passed since Jenny and I had met online. Meeting someone online was not a particularly unusual thing these days. Thousands, indeed millions, are hooking up all the time through the various online 'Matchmakers'. I would assume that most would prefer their matches to live nearby. It just so happened that I had unwittingly checked the box that left the distance thing wide open. Jenny lived near Phoenix and I in a small town west of Mobile.

We had much in common, she a writer and English professor at Mesa Community College, and myself an English teacher at Peter F. Alba Middle School in Bayou La Batre.
Jenny Matlock


  1. Oh, you snot, just like me you have left us wanting more.

  2. And then? I want a happy on-line dating story (for personal reasons). Fun stuff, Jeff.

  3. Ha! I am sitting outside laughing so hard I think my neighbors might be calling the loony squad.

    Heading to part two now...oh, you have me cracking up! Oops, I better rephrase that...laughing my butt off...the cracking up think might encourage the quicker arrival of the loony squad.