Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busted for Growing Pot to Ease Suffering from Chemotherapy and Hemophilia, Couple Prepares to Surrender for 5-Year Prison Terms | Drugs | AlterNet

I have decided to begin posting a news story each day. Stories may be controversial. It is my intention to engage you, to solicit your opinions, and possibly enlighten you and myself in the process.

Although there may seem to be more important issues than that of Medical Marijuana, this controversy speaks to so many issues...States Rights, Personal Rights and Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Tax Revenue Priorities.

For myself...I am convinced that if and when the Big Pharma finds a way to corner the market on prescription cannabinoids, the laws will change. I think that Big Pharma fears two things...that current state laws protecting individual rights to use medical cannabis undermines the cozy relationship that they have with the federal government, and that medical cannabis might trump the need for many of their expensive products. If the laws change across this country it will be difficult for Big Pharma to control the marketplace without the reality and/or appearance of collusion with the government.

I am anxious to hear your opinions on this subject...

Peace and blessings

Busted for Growing Pot to Ease Suffering from Chemotherapy and Hemophilia, Couple Prepares to Surrender for 5-Year Prison Terms | Drugs | AlterNet

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frank and Sue

There was once a rooster named Frank
Who was married to a hen named Sue.
Frank drank, and landed in the tank.
Sue stewed and said they were through.
Frank's heart sank as he sat in the tank,
And into the corner of his cell he shrank.
But Sue, kind hearted Sue, became blue
Thinking of Frank, and their love so true.
So, Sue being musical, made up a song,
A song she sang the whole day long.
"I'm not a chicken
of the Col. Sanders kind,
I'm a lovin gal,
married to Frank,
who's in the tank
because he drank...
I'll bail him out,
we'll scream and shout
there is no doubt,
but in the end
we'll work it out.
I'm a chicken..."

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Is Your Life

It was late into the evening, well past my bedtime. The novel I was reading...wonderfully engaging, difficult to put down. I placed the bookmark, thinking I would rest my eyes for a moment, then continue.

Suddenly, I found myself seated, alone in a large, dimly lit Art Deco theater. A royal, red velvet curtain ran the length of the stage. A certain warm, welcoming feeling quickly overcame my initial confusion. I sank comfortably into the cushioned chair, awaiting my 'special' performance. Slowly the curtain parted, revealing a stage filled with people...all the people I had ever known or would ever know in my lifetime...

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Intelligence: A Matter of Perception

Ben was a kind, hard working fellow, a solid family man, and reliable friend. He had spent 38 years of his life in the maintenance department at the plant. That is until the plant closed in late 2008. Plant operations moved overseas. His pension vanished, as had his dream of a reasonably comfortable retirement for he and his wife. Although kind hearted, hard working and reliable, he had never been accused of being intelligent. Yet, somehow Ben had managed to quietly and efficiently divert some $30 million dollars from the investment account of Goldman Sach's CEO to an untraceable account in the Caymans.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love At Any Age

It is time for Saturday Centus once again. SC is a prompted writing exercise. Excluding the prompt we are to write a creative response, in 100 words or less. This week's prompt, Everything depended upon this single card..., is one that has taken me back to my elementary school days. Perhaps I have these memories on my mind because of my recent activities in helping to plan a Class of '66, elementary school reunion. Anyway, I guess I am connecting the dots. Enjoy...Peace and blessings...

To suggest that love is not important at 12, is to underestimate the power of this singular human emotion. Freddie had for months now been infatuated with Linda. As the intensity of his 'love' grew,so grew his hesitancy to express his feelings. That was about to change. The night had arrived for the Dance School Christmas Formal. Wearing meticulously shined Weejuns and a new blue suit, Freddie entered the ballroom, and immediately began to fill out his dance card.

#1 Susan
#2 Jane
#3 Margy
#4 Linda

#4 Linda!! Yes, she had #4 open. Freddie's fate was sealed. Everything depended upon this single card, and Dance Number 4. Hopefully it would be a slow song.

Jenny Matlock