Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frank and Sue

There was once a rooster named Frank
Who was married to a hen named Sue.
Frank drank, and landed in the tank.
Sue stewed and said they were through.
Frank's heart sank as he sat in the tank,
And into the corner of his cell he shrank.
But Sue, kind hearted Sue, became blue
Thinking of Frank, and their love so true.
So, Sue being musical, made up a song,
A song she sang the whole day long.
"I'm not a chicken
of the Col. Sanders kind,
I'm a lovin gal,
married to Frank,
who's in the tank
because he drank...
I'll bail him out,
we'll scream and shout
there is no doubt,
but in the end
we'll work it out.
I'm a chicken..."

Jenny Matlock


  1. Well, I liked it I must admit - though I don't find it what you might call politically correct. But I liked it!

  2. We have to get up before the rooster crows to beat you at Saturday Centus. As always, I love your offering!!

  3. heehee

    Never a dull moment in the old barnyard.


  4. Good job ! A real clever way to use the prompt too !

  5. OMG- I just loved this...I think I might even have part of it stuck in my head for awhile!

  6. Oh chicken I am not...but you can be! This is a wonderful post for this silly chicken prompt! Great stuff....and the music you are serving is marvelous...makes me want to stay and listen! Thanks!

  7. This was really good...ah...being able to break into an impromptu song when one is so blue...what a blessing.

  8. This is good enough for Mel Haggard to sing...better call Nashville!

  9. lol, a very faithful Sue indeed! i loved the two part poem!

  10. LOL! A very cute offering this week, Jeff! Nicely played!

  11. Funny, after the first few lines I thought "this could be a country song". Then Sue proved me right! Clever use of the prompt! Kat

  12. What a great, silly story, Jeff. Sounds like these two were meant for each other.

  13. Frank and Sue...what a romance! Sue sure can write songs :)

  14. Jeff, I love this poem! It's so YOU! Thanks for visiting me and commenting. You are the man!


  15. Jeff! I love you! this was soooo perfect! And so true to your writing style.

    I can almost see this sung as a country ballad.

    You are A-mazing!