Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sue and Hugh

Once again, Saturday is upon us, and with the arrival of the anticipated weekend, comes another opportunity to explore our creative writing wherewithal with the weekly meme, Saturday Centus. It is brought to us by the illustrious Ms Jenny Matlock, a quite accomplished writer indeed. SC provides a prompt, given this week by Miss Ames. This week's prompt is "It was growing bigger by the minute..."

WARNING!! My offering this week may be a bit beyond our normal PG rating (not much mind you). If this be bothersome, please do not venture beyond this point. It does prove that I have versatility beyond my normal uplifting, 'feel good' offerings. So without further ado, and hopefully not risking my good standing in the class, here we go. Oh, and BTW, for those word counters, I have managed this in under 100 words.

There was once a lusty cowgirl from Stinnett called Sue,
Whose bestest beau was a strapping cowboy named Hugh.
Hugh and Sue's life on the range was great, even grand,
Until that day when Hugh couldn't meet Sues,ummm, sexual demand.
Not meaning to be callous, Sue ordered some Cialis from Dallas,
Which, as we know, could cure Hugh's problematic phallus.
The package of Cialis was promptly shipped from Dallas to Stinnett.
They opened the bottle and Hugh took the pill that was in it,
And to their amazement,it was growing bigger by the minute.

Jenny Matlock


  1. You are a corker! The minute I read this prompt, I just knew someone was going to head in this direction. And you did in rhyme! This was hysterical. Kat

  2. Great rhyming and what a play with the prompt, cool!

  3. I guess we can expect a little "dirty ditty" from a "mudbug" every so often! Silly!

  4. Hahaha! Jeff, if anyone can get away with this, it is certainly you. I did have to get a magnifier to read it, though. I can tell that you ARE feeling better.

  5. Jeff, I'm applauding your efforts. This was so much fun. Hey, Ames and Jenny asked for it - too-with that prompt. You just worked with it very, very well.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  6. Loved it! (though I nearly had to put my glasses on to read the tiny font.)

    Someone had to go down that route with that prompt didn't they? It was just asking for it. (as was Sue by all accounts.)LOL

    Very good. ;-)

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha that was not offensive at all even if it went a little past the PG - Very funny - Great job!

  8. OMG, LOL. I almost went there too but changed mine at the last minute. Jeff, you are braver than me, ha, ha, ha.

  9. This was delightful fun for the end of my rather trying day! :)

  10. omg, I'm laughing hysterically over this one. great, great job.

  11. I wondered who would be the one to go this route.



  12. Your rhyming is great! Ah so it was on the edge. We all need to look over the edge every once in awhile. Thanks for being so brave! Hee Hee!~Ames

  13. This came alive when I read it out loud :)

  14. You are the only one who had the guts to take that route...I loved the poetic styling can we toast to their happy ever after?.... :D

  15. Good job with a sensitive PG-13 take on the prompt...creatively and tastefully done !!!

  16. Sorry, I hopp over everything that is not PG. I did not read this.
    I'm just here to say 'hi'.
    Anna's SC week 40 '...growing bigger...'

  17. hahaha I cant stop laughing at the end! Fun story!

  18. Jeff! You crack me up! But we already e-mailed about this!

    Love the way you walked right up to the edge of PG13 and teetered almost (just almost mind you!) over the edge!

    You rocked this prompt.