Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Thread That Runs, Part 1

The rain drops beat loudly on the metal roof of the cabin Nell called home. High atop this peaceful mountain, in the cabin in which she was born, Nell shared life with her mother Irma, grandmother Winona, and her precious Baby Jean. Nell went to school during the day, and in the evening after homework and tending to Baby Jean she would take sewing instruction from her mother and grandmother...both known throughout these hills for their superb craftsmanship.

Nell could hardly think with the din of rain on the tin roof. She was rightly tired and laid down to rest. A few minutes passed and she was fast asleep...


  1. Jeff,

    What are you up to with this two-part centus? As usual your style is flowing and very readable, sooooooo, I'm headed for Par 2!

  2. Ok, it's making me head to part 2... great job:-)

  3. I read part 2 first, and part 1 makes your story even better!


  4. Well you lured me in with the name Nell. Reminds me of the movie Nell, which I love! Ok I am off to read part 2.....~Ames

  5. Jeff, you sucked us in again. I am off to read part two.
    Oh, and thanks, my friend, for thinking of me. Peace to you.

  6. Jeff, something is going on with your writing. You are in a different place with it lately. Love your voice of late. Off to read part two!