Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who, Where, Why...

Saturday Centus #64. Just when I was in the mood to write the perfect vignette story, hoping that somehow Jenny was going 'out of the box' and maybe allow us 200 words...good luck! This week our prompt is nearly as long as our word restraint of 15. This suggests that 1) Jenny is not a mind least not mine, and 2) that our teacher is in charge...'do or die'...speaking of death, and not that I care to ponder its morbidity, our prompt goes something like this..."before I die I want to..." Suffice it that a mere 15 words would not begin to cover this subject. I am ok with that inasmuch as I believe I have lived many lives before this one, so, perhaps what I did not get to in this one, just maybe I covered before or will get to later. Point is, it seems, is that doing this or that, going here and there, having such and such is not important...the importance in it all may lie in the emotions...the clarity of that moment, those moments when we have that feeling, those feelings that are beyond words, beyond description...the moment which fuses past, present, future, and the whole of the universe into a precise, unexplainable 'entity...' I have tried to capture such a moment with this photograph. Now I will give a go and try to explain in what are obviously too few words, my desire.

before I die I want to...
know the truth...
who we are...
where did we come from...
why we are here...

Peace and blessings

Jenny Matlock


  1. Too much to ponder in such a brief space ... whether in words or time ... Goodness, the music was a nice addition!!!!

  2. I agree with Woodswoman. I think, however, it is only after we die that we'll know the answers to these age old questions.

  3. Polly, the eternal optimist in me thinks its possible to learn these truths before we die...we may actually have them in our hearts, buried beneath the pile of 'iving'

  4. My sentiments exactly. Good job.

  5. Jeff, I loved this and your opening as well. I too believe it just may be possible to know some parts of the whole is we live with eyes and hearts open to extreme possibility.

  6. That 'is' is 'if' and I forgot to tell you I adore this picture. Worth a thousands words at least.

  7. I loved the opening, the child lost in play and your Centus ... Wonderful!

  8. Knowing those things amounts to a great blessing.

    This one's as lovely as it is short, Jeff.


  9. love the picture love the post

  10. Now that's some list! I hope you get to tick them all off!

  11. I too really enjoyed this whole package (the photo, intro and centus).
    Blessings to you!

  12. Dear Jeff,
    Your post is simply beautiful, with its introduction and photo.
    Thank you for your kind words about my SC-post. All this makes me think of a line from John Donne: "A man's life is incomplete, what else is Heaven for?" (I may have misquoted this, I can't get at my quotation books yet. They are still packed.)
    Best wishes & blessings,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    'Before I die...'-Anna's SC wk 64

  13. So strong in so few words. Loved it.

  14. i think we came from the stars ... but i wish i knew the truth. there is a lot to ponder in your words.

  15. have a point...but we are simply human and I don't think it is possible to ever know the whole (big T) Truth...just our own (little t) truths that will help guide us on our journey. And you are correct about many of these (little t) truths being buried deep within us. I've been working so very hard at digging them out and allowing the light of day to shine upon them. It's hard work that I wished I had started many years ago.

  16. Beautifully done, Jeff! Maybe someday we will know. I hope it's not too disappointing!

  17. Jeff. Sometimes I wonder if there are no answers...because this is all there is.

    And geez, on that cheery note, I'll just add...

    I liked your writing here.

    It was very thought provoking.