Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gets in the Way

before I die, I want to...
learn how to forgive.
without forgiveness,
little else of deep meaning
is possible...

Jenny Matlock


  1. Very profound and true. Loved this one.

  2. So true. Yet again you have made me stop & think. Thank you!

  3. Such a noble cause, Jeff. Very true. Forgiveness isn't easy.

  4. Wow, Jeff. Did you write TWO texts??? Oh my oh my, you couldn't just let it go with one?!

    Forgiveness. I wish that others could and would forgive me, but I confess to have trouble forgiving others or at least certain individuals. I would never demand forgiveness of another person. It has to come freely from that person.

    For this prompt, we have to think in terms of what is really important in a big way. And that is what you have done with your texts.

    Will you write a third post? Keep this up and you will get your 100 words in!

    Best wishes & blessings,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    'Before I die...'-Anna's SC wk 64

  5. forgiveness is a hard thing to do when you have been hurt deeply. they say it frees the soul.

  6. just about the hardest thing to do ... i wish you well with this quest

  7. I think this is the toughest thing that a person can do, we can forgive but to do so completely is very hard.

  8. jc,

    We offer forgiveness in order to heal ourselves. It is not about the offender. It is all about us learning that carrying around resentment will eat holes in our souls.

    Namaste, my friend,

  9. Exceptionally True. Forgiveness is essential, but often hard.

  10. Brilliant ! Couldn't fit that into the 15 words myself...a noble and worthy goal for all !

  11. This is so true. I on the other hand was more earthy and selfish.


  12. There are times I think I have mastered forgiveness...and other times I pray to learn how to forget.

    This was so lovely.

    I am loving this weeks readings.

    You are such a neat person, Jeff!