Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Journey Ends...Another Begins

Its Saturday Centus time once again...a time to explore our creative writing wherewithal. So, with a fabulous prompt from Judie, and hopefully in 100 words or less, let the writing begin. This week's prompt is in bold italics. Please go to Saturday Centus and check out some wonderful short pieces of juicy writing... Namaste...

Belying her outward, calm confidence, Christine had led a life of unsettled disconnectedness. Adopted as a baby, she had, for as long as she could remember, felt a certain resentment, yet not knowing who or what to resent. It was as if her legs had been amputated, leaving her with a life-long debilitating handicap.

Christine spent the last two years acquiring her adoption records and subsequently searching for her biological mother, only to find out she had passed on two months earlier. Saddened, yet sufficiently determined to see this through, she traveled to her mother's home to meet her 'family' and to find out about her roots.

The family allowed Christine to go through her mother's effects. She came across a large trunk containing bundles of letters. As she lifted the stacks of letters from the ancient chest, a certain warmth of hope came over her...hope that she would at last find connection, and that her mother had not lost that which connects a mother and child.

Jenny Matlock


  1. This was a great way to use the prompt Jeff. I hope that her journey allows her to feel some completeness at last. Well done! Kat

  2. My comment disappeared... I'll try again!

    What a sweet heartfelt post.. I'm always so sad to hear of reunions that will never take place.

  3. This was a good use of the prompt. Did you do a word count? I think your posting is more than 100 words. I like the direction you took this - something different than we had seen previously - the adoption route. You probably have a little bit longer story here, so a short story - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  4. I enjoyed this, Jeff. My eldest sister was adopted, and I can imagine how sad it would be to have one's search for a biological parent end this way...and what a gift those letters would be.


  5. Jeff, I know you have a birthday, so Happy Birthday!! I love your take on the prompt, Jeff. Note to Elysabeth: We all know that Jeff goes over the 100 word limit, but we don't care because he is so creative!!

  6. Very nice, Jeff. This leaves me hopeful that she will surely find what she's looking for. Letters cary so many treasures. Great piece.

  7. awe, this was wonderful, and tugged at the heartstrings ...

  8. What a charming warm hearted take on this...very nicely done!

  9. This was a beautiful sentiment. What a great take on this. Loved it, Jeff.

  10. Jeff, This is so heartwarming and tender. I would have guessed your would take the prompt in a healing direction.


  11. Pranam!

    I hope she found what she was looking for!

  12. Jeff, this was profound.

    I love your careful word-crafting here. There was a poetic feeling to this little gem of a story that touched my heart.

    I particularly loved this: unsettled disconnectedness


  13. What a beautiful centus, Jeff. (Or is it longer?) And it is a complete text. You have told us enough to keep us happy.
    Excellent text, Jeff. Original use of the prompt.
    Best wishes,
    I'm sorry that I am commenting so late. I am going back to older posts that I have missed.
    Here is my SC-text:
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