Saturday, June 18, 2011

Domi Gutu (A Short Story)

Another Saturday, another Centus, another opportunity to explore this universe in my see if I can match thought to word, drawing inspiration from a prompt...much to my surprise, my own prompt, "Within the Stone". I am compelled to share with you its origin. Within the Stone is the name of a coffee table book of photographs...closeup photos of the polished surfaces of rocks...taken by Bill Atkinson. It is a remarkable book that combines free association, literary pieces from seven guest writers with some 70 photographs. As stated on the inside of the dust jacket..." Atkinson opens a vault beneath our feet, revealing to our astonished eyes the tumult of color, form, and desire hidden Within the Stone."

From early childhood to present, I have been a lover of rocks, stones, geology...and photography. With this book, Mr. Atkinson is speaking to my passions. I was once told I had spent a past life as an Egyptian stone mason, working on the pyramids. When I heard this it all made sense to me...
Help, I'm a Rock
Help, I'm a Rock
Help, I'm a Rock
- Frank Zappa

Domi Gutu (A Short Story)

Sun shining hot
repressive, voracious
sucking energy
my lifeblood from me...
Circumstance of fate
tore me from my village
my family,
dropping me in
this hell.
Grubby, bloody hands
scooping rock, mud, water
into round, screened pan.
Within the stone
lies my misery,
and redemption.
Amidst these hot depths
of terraced, muddy walls,
I hear the voices...
my wife, my children
Tamba, we love you
Tamba, come home...
"I ti der bepi okuru o solo" ( I shall come, God willing)

Jenny Matlock


  1. WOW...!!!! I could feel this man's pain.

    PS... I too am a rock lover, gather-er, collector.

  2. Excellent job ! I actually saw visuals in my head while reading this...very powerful, vivid writing !
    BTW, I collect rocks and seashells when we travel...each one is so unique and beautiful !

  3. We wear these precious stones, with out thinking the misery it has befallen some. Nice one.

  4. Amazing!
    I love rocks, stones and shells too. They tell a story.
    Earth is beautiful, should we not appreciate her beauty?~Ames

  5. Wonderful imagery, Jeff! This piece is moving and very visual: "Grubby, bloody hands scooping rock, mud, water
    into round, screened pan." Wow. It is also visceral in that the images made my stomach drop.

    Thanks for this one, my friend.


  6. One of your best ever, as far as I'm concerned.

    Powerful! Poignant.


  7. Jeff, you are just brilliant at this. Please write a "part II" and even more!!!!

  8. I'm so impressed, Jeff. You just took us to a very unique place and part of the world. It's beautiful.

  9. Beautiful and painful imagery. A gold-miner's story. Excellent!

    With all of your texts, are you going to publish a collection of poetry/stories? Or maybe you have already done that.

    I really like your prompt "within the stone". So much could be written, inspired by these three words. (And a lot that is related to the main theme of my blog, jewellery, precious metals, gemstones.)

    Best wishes & blessings,

    Within the Stone-Anna's SC wk 59

  10. Loved this. Thanks for the great prompt this week.

  11. Moving...people reflect on the splendour of the creations but barely spare a thought for the artisans and workers behind them...your words convey their anguish and longing so well. Have a good week ahead.

  12. That was awesome. And such a good prompt. Even tho it was a hard freaking prompt. thanks.

  13. beautiful Jeff ... I felt your words ... not just saw them, felt them.

  14. I too enjoyed your prompt! Nice to know where it came from. I could see him...dirty tired and sweaty...nice imagery

  15. Jeff.




    This is so multi-faceted. Pun intended.

  16. What a powerful piece. This is my first time to participate in Sat. Centus. My contribution seems so silly after reading your's and Jenny's. laurie