Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Short Note To Say...

Men in the trenches
of that big foreign war
left loved ones behind
as they walked out the door.
"Dear John", the many
thousands of letters would read,
'I have found someone else
who'll better fill my need'.
Often no details were given,
more often a short note...
"Dear John, love you, goodbye",
and that's all she wrote.

Yes, its Saturday, and not just any Saturday. It is Saturday Centus, #60 celebration!! Woo-hoo!! Whoopee!!Can't believe we've made it this far through the insanity. Jenny, instead of giving me a prompt that would lend laughter to this joyous occasion, has sent me in a different and predictable direction with her "Dear John". I do hope that some of you will be able to take it in a different direction...something contrary to broken lives, broken hearts. Maybe its just me...that I am perpetually inclined to write about the sad things in life...a troubled romantic. That being said, I can't wait to read what you have written, in 60 words or less. Peace...

Jenny Matlock


  1. Hi Jeff! Just wanted to let you know, you're blog is not listed on Jenny's linky thing. Maybe you forgot?

  2. Sometimes brevity is the soul of wit - but in a Dear John letter, it seems so sad.

    And nowadays, he'd get a text message:

    Dear John,
    I don't <3 u. Bye.

    Great poem!

  3. Sad but true. Nicely done.
    Donna v.

  4. Excellent prose Jeff !
    Love this even though it's sad, too often heartbreaking and leaves the wounded person to wonder WHY ???

  5. modern technology is so un romantic at least a letter could be held

  6. I like your troubled romantic take, Jeff. It's realistic and poignant.
    Be well.

  7. Well, she didn't deserve him! Good riddance, I say!

  8. so sad, but true ... great work Jeff!

  9. she didn't deserve him. that's all I can say

  10. So sad but all to true. Nicely put....


  11. My Friend,

    When given a chance, we both have a tendency to take things down the sad road. I loved this piece because the cadence, the rhythm took away some of the sting. You have such a good way with words.


    PS - Sorry I goofed up the first comment!

  12. Well done though sad...but sad is a very real and present part of life.

  13. Hi...Me, again! As you know, I figured out my error! Great job on the Dear John!!

  14. Dear Jeff,
    You have written a beautiful poem, inspired by the tragedies of history. But you could have chosen another route. It is not a given that this must be a sad text. It could have been just a letter to a man named John that is not meant to break off a relationship.

    This said, the form of your poem is perfect.

    Best wishes,
    Sanna writes to John Tell-Anna's SC wk 60

  15. Nicely done, Jeff! You captured in prose the sadness experienced by thousands of our soldiers. Beautifully written, my friend.

  16. Hard to get your heart broken from afar. And I have a feeling it happens a lot, sadly.

    Good job, Jeff!


  17. So sad, but war takes a toll on more than lives and innocence. Sad and tragic.

  18. Stupendous! left me literally gasping.. blatant truth eh?

  19. Jeff. You are so darned cool. I love what you did with this. I think it was incredibly creative imagery...contained in rhyme, no less. I can't wait to see how you interpret all your talents to childrens books!