Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Exam

No matter the clear blue morning sky, or the bright sunshine piercing from above the horizon, I am nonetheless dreading the doctor visit. At age 57 you would think I would be accustom to the annual check-up.

I arrive a bit early and settle myself into a comfortable chair in the waiting area. Lovely art adorns the walls, there is calming New Age music and hot herb tea. It is as pleasant a waiting area as could be found. Still I dread the visit, and once I am taken to the exam room I know why. Its the chair that so dominates this small exam room room. I think it would be grand to be a man who might have to lay down on a flat exam table, cough a few times, deep breathe...fleeting thoughts.

I put on my gown and get seated in the blue mechanical 'cockpit'. The doctor knocks then walks in. We exchange a few pleasantries while she adjusts the chair backwards. I think I know what it feels like to be an astronaut taking off for space.The doctor does a general exam and takes a pap smear.

As uncomfortable as it all seems, it is these routine exams that are important to ALL women. The idea that a bunch of insensitive old white guys can debate, much less have an opinion about womens' reproductive rights and health needs is unconscionable. They do not and will not speak for me. This is the year that I push back against their absurdity.

Jenny Matlock


  1. You packed a lot into your response!
    Did you see the cartoon with a bunch of old women deciding whether Viagra should be made available to men?

  2. This is different take on a chair! You did well to capture a woman's voice.

  3. Wow, never saw a chair like that, it's kinda scary:@)

  4. Oh yes our yearly necessity! ...and you are so reminding me that I need to schedule more appointments...just finally got to have my teeth cleaned! Life is just so busy...we get way too far between appointments! Great truthful post!

  5. Ya gotta give props to a man who tries to see things from a woman's perspective.


  6. There's so much more to it than just the chair, isn't there?

  7. I had to stop and see if I was at the wrong place. Thought I was reading a woman's voice here. Excellent content!~Ames

  8. Scary isn't it? Mrs. Jim has been having her 'EXAM' regularly ever since she was 50 or even before.
    Nice post, Jeff. :)
    I am new at the Saturday Centrum but it is seeming to be a fun post.
    You'll have to paste it in or check Jenny's Mr. Linky as you don't have a URL sign-in option. Sorry.
    It is at "Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place" if you go to my profile.

  9. Ugh. I always dread those exams!

    Nice writing :)

    Best wishes,

  10. Scary, and quite an accurate description of what goes on behind "that" closed door. Like Melody I dread this dr visit and all that comes with it.

  11. Great know women so well!

  12. Chairs can be scary. This is the second one in my round of leaving comment.

    Please remove the word verification!

  13. Wow. Wow.

    This is really intense.

    I have one of the funniest stories EVER about the CHAIR, but I'm not totally sure I could share it on my blog! ha!