Friday, April 30, 2010

O Really is for the Big O...and I do not mean Osceola

Our Alphabe-Thursday blogging friend, Jacque, had me going this morning with her post on The BigO. With all the creative juices flowing out there in Alphabe-Thursday Land I was thinking that one or more of our many founts of wit would not overlook what we might all collectively refer to as the Big O. So, feeling unusually bold, I will do this thing...and there is not much time left in which to do it.

Yes, Orgasm...I said it, I wrote me a rebel...

Needless to say, I am not going to elaborate on it. If you choose to want to know more, Wikipedia does a slam dunk job of offering more or less all you need to know. One item that I find interesting is that many Tantrics seek to eliminate it. Eliminate the Big O...not easy this week.

Yes, I imagine that our illustrious teacher, Miss Jenny, was sweating bullets, wondering, worrying that someone would up the ante from her prescribed PG content ratings. Well, I am trying, but can only muster a PG-13....sorry. I will leave you however with some lines from a work by the famous, or perhaps infamous, Percy Bysshe Shelley...he has a certain flair for speaking about such things, whereas I would fail you in glorious fashion...Peace and blessings to you all...

"The Serchio, twisting forth
Between the marble barriers which it clove
At Ripafratta, leads through the dread chasm
The wave that died the death which lovers love,
Living in what it sought; as if this spasm
Had not yet passed, the toppling mountains cling,
But the clear stream in full enthusiasm
Pours itself on the plain...."


  1. Jeff my Man I am proud of you! The big "O" is important! PG-13 for sure!

  2. YES!!, YES!!, YES!!...Don't tell Ms. Matlock, but I've had a few + of the Big O's in the Big O...I just didn't want to get an F for my homework!

    Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit and for your take on the BIG O. Love it!!

  3. Wow! Perhaps that is NOT a hot flash going on!

    You rascal!

  4. Jag tanker forbiga det har inlagget med tystnad!

    Anna's O-words