Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Objects from The Odditorium

Oh me, Oh my, Oh no, Oh yes!
What "O" should I pick,
What "O" would be best?

I could write an Ode,
But that would be long...
And taxing to you,
And soon you'd be gone.

So I will do what I do best.
Pick a bit of this and a bit of that,
From what I'll call Jeff's nest.

So, without further ado, and with my most favored Odalisque by my side, I began, with a certain Obduracy, the Operose task of Obambulating about, selecting Omnigenous Objects from my Odditorium for your Oblectation.

Thanks to Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday, where you can find Oh sOOO many wonderful, alphabetically inspired posts.

Jenny Matlock

O is for Ollas from Mata Ortiz
O is for Orange flowers
I had to leave the Odditorium for these
O is for opals from Australia
Known as "Boulder Opals"
O is for Ornithologist as depicted in this
19th century engraving
O is for Osprey as drawn for this Audubon
1st royal Octavo edition
O is for Owls in this Audubon
1st Octavo edition
...and these carved Owls from
Mexico, India, and Bali
O is for Orb as seen in
this crystal ball
...and the mOOn above,
it makes me feel small
"Oh moon...won't you send your light,
And tell my mother for me, cross the sea
Her boy is alright?"

- lyrics from the song, Oh, Moon of the Summer Night,
by Allan J. Flynn, 1918


  1. Wow! What an 'O' post. I have to go get my dictionary out now.....

    P.S. Nice photos!

  2. Super O post Jeff. We have a few Mata Ortiz pieces. Aren't they amazing? One piece is so think it is almost like paper. Loved seeing all these great photos. I'm ready to post my O assignment. Will do that now. :-)

  3. Oh wOw! I love love love the poem. I think I am a sucker for them. And your pictures, as always they are Outstanding!

  4. Jeff.

    What an Outrageously creative, imaginative, information and wonderful post!

    I was surprised this post was you and I was very excited to read what you wrote.

    I am always impressed with your Outstanding work.

    Thank you for sharing the lovely poetry, alliteration and photos with the class.

    I've never seen opals like that.

    And I'm glad that your Odalisque is by your side offering inspiration!


    Your play list was playing "Orange Sky" was I was reading this. How did you manage that trick?

  5. Ok - you don't know me yet but you had me at the owls. and the moon shots.

  6. Did you borrow Mrs. Matlock's obscure word dictionary? Holy cow, this was great! Love your photos, as always. The moon shots are wonderful. Great O post! Kathy

  7. Hubby,
    Once again you are outstanding! I adore your poems because I know that you work so hard on them. YOu photos are getting better and better and thanks for telling me what all those words meant!

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  9. Oh wat a great O post. Very interesting. In the last one something went wrong

  10. That was a great O post - liked your poem at the start!

  11. love the owls and orange flowers ... great pickings from your nest!

  12. Your opals are beautiful! And the sentiment in the Moon lyric is so sweet.

  13. WOW, the opals from Australie are gorgeous..... Were did you find them???

  14. What a great ecclectic mix of "o" items!

  15. Well that was a lot of word that I need to pull my dictionary out for. Thanks for making me use my brain and learn something new!

  16. I want a boulder opal!

    Lovely post!

  17. I realize how lacking my vocabulary is, but a great assortment of O words. Beautiful photographs!

  18. Wonderful images, love the vocab! :)

  19. This was just beautiful.

    Thanks for leaving a comment over at my place.

  20. Delightful! Okay there were also a lot of big O words that I didn't know. I bet you get extra credit. You put words and images together so well.

  21. Jeff, I wanted to reply to your comment on Tales from the Nightstand but your email is private so I had to come here...I am so sorry. Anyway I hope the friday links take off and I hope you will link up when you can I read books of all types and ALWAYS love reading about new things. Please share if you have time!

  22. I loved all of your "O" images. I especially love owls!

    Great post.

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  23. I always enjoy my stops here! Great O post. Loved those opals, never seen anything like 'em.

  24. Outstanding O post. I always love your photos :) .

  25. Good Morning Jeff,

    You have some fabulous photos for the letter "O"--the orange flowers are gorgeous!!

    I see you have a magical way with words--you are quite a poet! Thanks for sharing with us today.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  26. Outstanding, over-achieving O-post!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's O-words