Friday, November 5, 2010

A Squirrel Eye View

We are never lacking for new and interesting places in which to find reflections. This delightful squirrel was snacking at my bird feeder. After loading the pictures on my computer, I looked into it's eye...lo and behold there was a reflection of the sky and my home. Does it get any crazier than this? I'll keep looking...
Peace and Blessings
...and thanks to James for providing this wonderful reflection photo meme, Weekend Reflections.


  1. Amazing! And what a fun, terrific reflection!! Who would have thought??? I love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. The squirrel is adorable, great shot and the reflection in his eye is very impressive! :)

  3. This quite an original way to find a unusual reflection of your home... And the picture of the squirrel is so neat, so nice... Great sharing indeed !

  4. A fabulous shot !
    The reflection makes it even that much more special ....

  5. That is really cool Jeff! It is amazing the reflections you can find when you start looking for them. And sometimes the best surprises don't reveal themselves until you upload the image. Fantastic capture! Kat