Saturday, December 18, 2010


As Elven lives go, Amanae's had been quite remarkable. Born to revered and powerful parents (her father of the Dwinghymn House, her mother of Tyrmitore ancestry), she had walked a path of remarkable beauty and wisdom. Simply, Amanae's presence and powers were unsurpassed. There was but one thing left for her to do in life...mate with a human. The child from such a union would possess great knowledge and power and would rise to prominence in her 'House'. This life goal could mean her demise, but after long and careful consideration, she knew it was her destiny.

Amanae walked down Mulberry Street to a brightly lit house on the corner of Elm. Inside the Stewarts were hosting the annual Mulberry St. Christmas costume block party. As Amanae entered through the foyer, all eyes turned, gazing on her radiant beauty. She at once knew that finding a Nieve would be easy. As she entered the living room, she heard the rather snippy Ellen Jones whisper to Ann Lewis, " what was she thinking? OMG! Elves are so 2009." Amanae thought to herself, "Eshui'du, yes 2009, the year before that and the centuries before that. This night was going to be fun."

Elven glossary:
Amanae...beautiful whisper
Dwinghymn...walkers in the forgotten ways
Tyrmitore...mistresses of the moon

Jenny Matlock


  1. Great story, Jeff! Now if you only had a picture of her...

  2. This could be the beginning of quite a book!

  3. I agree with June. I like her sassy style!

  4. Great story! And I liked the background stuff, too.


  5. Truly and totally amazing! You blew me away with the detail - even a glossary.

    Well done!

  6. wonderful story ... i loved the elven language ...

  7. I love your unique humor, Jeff. I plan to memorize and utilize the elfen word for "dumbass." I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks for the lessons and laughs. xo

  8. This Amanae, she's quite something (wouldn't expect less from a Beautiful Whisper) :)

  9. Hey, Jeff,

    Another great story from you! I've said it before, but I envy your incredible imagination. Oh, and thanks for the glossary!

    It does, indeed, appear that Amanae's evening will be filled with fun.

    Merry Christmas..........cj

  10. I loved this. The glossary was very helpful too. Good job.

  11. Thanks for all your gracious comments...cj, as for my imagination, I even imagine an earth filled with peace and harmony...we are only limited by our imagination. On this, the winter solstice night, with a full moon and with a lunar eclipse that last happened in 1638...proves that in our lifetime anything is possible...peace

  12. Loved it, especially for its Lord Of the Rings feel....Did she find her Nieve eventually?...Life must get a tad boring after centuries of being around....Merry Christmas.. :)

  13. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for visiting my SC-text for this prompt. Sorry, I am late with leaving comments on others' texts.

    Your story is very cleverly written!
    Where did you get your names and words? Is The Lord of the Rings a source?
    Have you read Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange annd Mr Norrell? It dips into the world of Faery as well as magic. It's a sort of adult version of the Harry Potter-books.

    Your text is excellent, Jeff, but it is not a Centus(=100 words)! Your wordcount is 191, twice as many as the rest of us are limited to! (Not including the glossary!) That would be the only negative about your SC-text.

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's SC#33

  14. I agree with June Freaking Cleaver. Maybe you should try to write a longer story with this material.

  15. Jeff! Wow. It seems like you are on to something here with this genre and dialogue. Loved the glossary (since I am elf langue imparied)!

    A wonderful, wonderful real...and one of those that feels like so much more than 100 words!

    I hope you are having a lovely relaxing day recovering from a glorious and joyful Christmas!

    Thank you for linking.

  16. Ummm.... that would be read...wonderful, wonderful read.