Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis a Hopeful Season

It was Christmas Eve 1934. Large snowflakes were gently drifting downward to the streets of Manhattan. The stores were closing early, the sidewalks bustling with last minute shoppers. Albert had been a Macy's Santa going on ten years. He and his wife Katherine had truly epitomized "Mr. and Mrs. Klaus", bringing as much year-round joy to all as they possibly could. They owned a small grocery on Amsterdam, and had provided food to those in need since the crash of '29.

Christmas for Albert was different this year. Dear Katherine had unexpectedly passed away in April. Albert had quickly drifted into depression, and took to the 'drink'. His robust laughter as the children sat on his lap masked an enormously deep sadness.

As he exited the side door of Macy's, he retrieved the flask from his pocket, and took a long draw from the narrow opening. The warmth of the whiskey would keep him warm on his long walk home to the lonely apartment above the store on Amsterdam.

He decided to take a different route home, walking north along busy 5th Ave. As he crossed 53rd he could hear the rich sound of the St. Thomas Church organ accompanied by hundreds of voices inside..."Away in a manger..." A small voice told him to "go inside". So, Albert, the once happy, now sad, white bearded fat man rolled through those church doors...perhaps the right doors at the right time.

This is my Christmas Day installment of the prompted, creative writing exercise, Saturday Centus. The prompt is the bold italicized part.

Peace and blessings, with hopes for better days ahead.
Namaste, jeff c...

Jenny Matlock


  1. This sounds like it could be the start of something BIG, Jeff! Thanks for your sweet message on my post. You are truly my friend!

  2. This was excellent Jeff. Truly in the spirit of Christmas!~Ames

  3. I hope he finds his peace. Very, very good!

  4. Truly wonderful, Jeff. You did such a good job of blending the sadness of loss with the joy that is Christmas. As you know, I have struggled with that. As usual, it is seamlessly written, and it touched my heart.

    You're the best! I wish you great peace and love in your heart. But wait, you already have that...............cj

    PS: As to my piece, I guess the devil make me do it!

  5. Encore, Jeff. I really want to know what happens next. Merry Christmas to you

  6. This was just wonderful. You really showed not always on the holidays are people happy. Sometimes there is real suffering and sorrow. Good job on your Centus.

  7. very beautiful though a tad sad...will there be an another instalment?....merry Christmas though its over now....happy weekend...

  8. Lovely though sad. Hope you had a good time!

  9. Nicely done, Jeff. A really inspiring story for the holidays.

  10. You make me want to read more, Jeff! Keep it up!
    Peace & Blessings!
    Anna's SC#34

  11. Jeff, this is a beautiful story. I think you should try your hand at novel length works...or maybe you already are. Glimmer Train would be a wonderful place to enter your longer short stories as well.

    Your writing seems like it is getting more poignant to me of late. Perhaps reflecting the season filled with memories and hopes.

    Wishing you an amazing 2011 filled with discovery, joy and memory making moments.

    Thank you for sharing your talents.