Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paedotrophy: The Art of Rearing Children

On this Mother's Day I find myself thinking, as I often do, about my mother. Her name was Irma Lee Carson Campbell. She passed away from cancer in 1985, a day before my birthday. I often wonder what type of relationship we could have had over these years since she left. I imagine that it would have been a good one. Often parent child relationships become somewhat strained and stressful during the formative years, but if you are fortunate enough, you can have a new found friend as you get older.

As for mother's and the art of rearing does seem to be truly an art, much to the dismay of writers and readers alike who proliferate the notion that you can raise a child successfully by reading a book. In my mother's and my case it was books by the venerable Dr. Spock. I remember often hearing my mom suggest that Dr. Spock was someone to which she should have never paid any attention. He apparently suggested a way too permissive an upbringing. I got news for ya did not pay enough attention to him.

All in all, I guess I would not change a thing. Bouncing between the art and Dr. Spock's prescription, with a healthy dose of frustration, I think that you, Irma Lee, and I came through it all in fine fashion. You left me with your taste for antiques, collecting, flowers, birds, reading and that often needed quiet space. I live now as a testament to your aura, your wherewithal, and I do so proudly.

We had our times
Both good and bad
But now I find myself
Just mostly sad
Thinking about how
It could have been
Knowing somehow
We can't start again
And on that note
I can safely say
Happy Mother's Day to you
In every way...


  1. What a lovely post and beautiful tribute to your mother. Children certainly don't come with instructions books, and I tend to laugh at those who think that they can write manuals on how to raise a child. They are all so unique, and so much of raising a child just has to be instinctual. Hope your lovely Mrs. C has a wonderful day! Kathy

  2. This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing.....hope you and Mrs. C have a blessed day today.

  3. A very sweet Mothers Day post and you are keeping yourself on task quite well with your P posts. Have a good day and give Mrs C a hug for me. I am sure that will not be a great trial at all!

  4. It was kind of you to share those very special thoughts about your mother. Thank you.

  5. Very sweet post about your Mom. Another good P post!

  6. Jeff. Almost speechless. Your posts are always so compelling and poignant. They make me think. They make me tear up. I am so glad to have touched your world through blogging.

  7. Wow! That's so sweet:) I love the pics of you amazing to have these and be able to post them for us to see:) I never knew what your mother looked like...These pictures help me fill in her face with the stories you would tell about her:)

  8. Lovely photos! How true it is that it is often when we are with grown children that we appreciate our parents even more... my mom passed away in 2004 and I surely do miss just being able to talk with her. I have so many questions left unanswered.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I especially love the photo of you thoroughly enjoying your cake :o)

  9. Well, Jeff ... must tell you I remember the pictures and the times .... miss you ...

  10. what a wonderful tribute.

    thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. I agree with Mrs. Matlock about your posts.

    When I read your wonderful and bitter-sweet tribute to your mother, I feel humbled. I still have my mother. Yes, we are good friends now. But we were never not good friends. The person I miss now is my father. He passed away almost four years ago.

    Best wishes,

    Ann's P-words