Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Serrations in Sepia the hurricane and the dance
in the liberty of the trance
in this serration
and that imagination
all mean less than the remembrance of fire.

-from I Will Find You by Remi Raji
Finely Serrated Leaves
and Doubly Serrated Leaves
and Broadly Serrated Leaves
With a Long-Legged Fly
Broadly Serrated Virginia Creeper

From their edges, there stream into the
smooth channel sharp blue serrations
or ripples of various lengths...

- Journal entry by Henry David Thoreau, July 24, 1853
while at Fair Haven near Walden Pond
Seen now through rain
the mountains fade,
the city fades
the serrations
of the skyline
dissolve like ink
on gray paper.

- from Mountains in the Rain
by Richard Risenberg

the salty sailor, the deck he swabbed,
until at last he had finished the job,
he went for a moonlit swim toward the sandy beach,
he swam stroke o'r stroke but the beach he would not reach,
for along came a large, rather ravenous shark,
whose habits brought it to the shallows well after dark,
with swift -toothed serration and no hesitation,
the shark gave the sailor complete evisceration,
leaving him only with a brief warm sensation.
End of story. No more narration.

- from The Playground of my Dreams
by jeff campbell

(blurred image of shark tooth for a sense of movement)
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  1. What gorgeous photographs! It's always a treat to see what you will come up with every week. Love the last bit of narration. Poor sailor! Kathy

  2. Oh serrations! Amazing photos and such wonderful quotes! You have a very interesting way of looking at the world!

  3. These photos are spectacular and the quotes are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The sepia really makes a difference!

  5. Sensational Sepia Serrations! Great quotes~ I'm sad for the sailor though :-)


  6. Gosh I love how well these all work in sepia! The snow pic is my favorite I think =)

  7. Loved the photos and the words you chose to accompany them.

  8. What lovely photos! And the salty sailor bit was brilliant!

  9. Your posts are also so poetic.....

  10. This was really neat. I guess I never thought of serration in that way. Great and thought provoking S post. I loved it.

  11. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. Well, if you would have posted on Sequoyah, I'm sure your writing and your pics would have been better than, it would have been o.k. I love those Sepia pics--they do make a pic take on a whole different look.

    Hope you are staying cool down there--it is HOT up is gorgeous, doing a little outside work, getting ready for the Weekend and for our Family Reunion on Father's Day. Take care..have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  12. great photos and great theme!

    what an attention to detail!


  13. Great photos as usual. Do you and Mrs C frame any of your photos. They are like artwork.

  14. Jeff, you are incredibly amazing...

    "with swift -toothed serration and no hesitation,
    the shark gave the sailor complete evisceration,
    leaving him only with a brief warm sensation."

    Is your whole family profound and eloquent like you?

    Is Playground a published work?

    I am always swept away by the way you craft each word so us a perfect gem of a post.


  15. I love the extract from Mountains in the Rain! It is such a rich visual image! :)

  16. I love all of these photos. Very creative post for S I might add! Well done Mr. C!

  17. Love the Sepia Serrations ... but the Sailor ... that's fueling my shark fear ... my toes are cringing in fear!

  18. Sensational post.
    Gorgeous photos, as always.
    Catherine :)

  19. As usual your photos, poetry and prose are excellent. You have found a medium in which you truly excell! You are such a fine photographer and always seem to find the most creative words to go with your lovely photos! An exceptional post!

  20. Beautiful words with beautiful pictures, inspiring. I felt that post, I slowed down a bit while I was here. Thank you for that.

  21. Jeff you take outstanding pictures...this was a wonderful S post. Thanks for popping over, and have a lovely, safe holiday weekend.

  22. Such beautiful writing. I'm envious.
    I'll be back!

  23. Your pictures are even more amazing in sepia! Superb!

  24. I will stop and notice the serrations more often....