Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trees, Trout and the Tufted Titmouse

When I touched the yellow Maple leaves
They entered me,
Without my knowing.
-from An October Astonishment by Garth Gilchrist

Trees take the eye to where it is,
where it was,
then over to distant hills,
far away to other places and times,
long ago.
-from Waiting for a Message by Rochelle Mass
How can we live
without the tree?
God's gift for us,
for you, for me.
The shade for rest,
the limb for nest.
What we are is spoken best,
by how we treat our trees.
-The Gift by jeff c.

resting winter tree
branches spread across the sky
waiting for spring green
-jeff c.

I part the out thrusting branches
and come in beneath
the blessed and the blessing trees.
Though I am silent
there is singing around me.
Though I am dark
there is vision around me.
Though I am heavy
there is flight around me.
-Woods by Wendell Berry

My fine son , Ben, while on a fishing excursion in Colorado and New Mexico in 2005
Do the little trouts have school
In some deep, sun-glinted pool,
And in recess play at tag
Round that bed of purple flag?
- from The Trout by Amy Lowell
Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary.
-Patrick McManus
This tiny son of life; this spright,
By momentary Human sought,
Plume will his wing in the dappling light,
Clash timbrel shrill and gay-
And into time's enormous nought,
Sweet fed, will flit away.
-from The Titmouse by Walter de la Mare

The reason of all cowardice
Is that men are overgrown,
And, to be valiant, must come down
To the Titmouse dimension.
-from The Titmouse by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Titmouse sleek, and top-notched gray
So eager to partake at my feeder this day
When so many others are 'now and then'
The tufted titmouse is my constant friend.
-from The Playground of My Dreams by jeff c.
Thanks bunches for joining me here on this wonderful Alphabe-Thursday. Thanks to Ms Jenny Matlock for facilitating this stupendous meme. It won't be long til we will finish our alphabet assignment. Will we graduate, or perhaps receive a new assignment?..maybe move on to another alphabet...Cherokee, Sanskrit,??? Please check out the many posts for Alphabe-Thursday at


  1. I so love trees and your photos are so peaceful. Your son kissing the trout made me smile. Of course the titmouse is adorable.

  2. most of these photos are LOVELY!

  3. Absolutely amazing, this one brought tears to my you pry know Trees hold a special place in my world and tonight I am touched

    I part the out thrusting branches
    and come in beneath
    the blessed and the blessing trees.
    Though I am silent
    there is singing around me.
    Though I am dark
    there is vision around me.
    Though I am heavy
    there is flight around me.
    -Woods by Wendell Berry

  4. Jeff, I always enjoy your posts ... the photography is always wonderful ... this post, is my favourite so far ... i may have to reread it more than once!

  5. Your photos are just beautiful as always. Love the verses that you chose to accompany them, particularly the Trout. Wonderful choices for T. You don't think Mrs. Matlock would really assign Sanskrit do you??? Yikes! Kathy

  6. Wonderful T post! I especially love that TUFTED TITMOUSE!!!

  7. I absolutely adore your treatise! Terrifically tremendous!

  8. I always enjoy yr posts too - such fabulous photography! Love trees too - so timeless in this fast changing world.

    Hope you have a peaceful weekend,


    PS Mine’s HERE.

  9. Jeff. Sigh.

    I come hear. I read your link. I read your link again. I look out the window. I think about what you wrote and how you wrote it and the pictures you share.

    And each and every week I am amazed.

    You have the soul of poet, Jeff.

    And I am truly honored that you share it through this meme.

    I know that sounds dramatic. But it is true.


    In the honors program.

    Of Poetry in the Soul University.

  10. Fabulous photos as always sir! Love the trees, and the titmice, and the poetry.
    Catherine :)

  11. All your photos are always so beautiful. You are such a great photographer. I also loved the one of you standing by that enormous tree. It must be pretty old that it's that huge. Great T post.

  12. Great post. I have been on many of these photo journeys and I always love the shots you get! Great poetry that really fits each photo. Of course I love the ones of Ben, he has grown so much since that time! Thank you for taking the time to put you heart and soul into each post! Jenny siad it all in her comment....

  13. Wonderful photography! Always enjoy coming by and taking in the sites for our eyes and reading such sweet poetry.

  14. Howdy neighbor!

    I enjoyed your poems and pics too! I think the one you wrote was excellent! I am sure there are titmouses up here but can't swear that I've ever seen any. I just love sitting outside in my porch swing listening to the birds every morning. There are so many bird calls, but I have no clue what they are. I should observe nature better, I guess. I am missing alot!!

    Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts with us each week in class. I have learned alot from you and from others!! Gosh, when we stop this meme, I will be LOST! This is about the only blog I write anymore. MY fault...too many other things take priority nowadays..Oh well, I will stop rambling!

    Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. We love having company!

  15. Your trees are so majestic~ and I love your constant friend the titmouse :-)


  16. Jeff you always contribute well thought out and creative posts for Alphabe Thursday. Your photos are wonderful but I especially enjoyed the verse in this post and I noticed many were authored by you ..bravo!

    Trees mean a lot to me and although tufted titmouses don't fly by my area I can see why you like the little fellows so much!

  17. Oh Jeff - what beautiful photos and such lovely words, great post!

  18. Beautiful pictures and words. The bird at the feeder with icicles was wonderful. I also enjoyed the first picture with the beautiful colored leaves. Living here I miss fall and the colored leaves more than anything else.

  19. Absolutely loved this simply elegant post.

  20. I am so late getting around to all the posts... better late than never. I love that second photo, of the fall leaves against blue sky. Beautiful!

  21. June 26th, 2010
    Dear Jeff,
    How could I not read this wonderfully poetic post? I am working backwards through your blog to see what other gems that I have missed.
    And now I have to go back to see if you left a comment on my T-post!
    Later: Nope!
    Here is my T-post:

    Best wishes,