Monday, July 12, 2010

Tennessee mudbug

First Birthday of Yours Truly...

This is posted for Moody Mondays


  1. What a cute photo! I love first birthday photos with cake all over. So is today your birthday?

  2. Ha ha! Looks like he buried his face in the cake! My great niece's 1st birthday party was yesterday. They gave her a "smash cake", what we call her own small cake to demolish. This little princess actually cried because she didn't like getting her hands dirty! We all laughed so hard! But once her daddy put some whipped cream in her mouth, then it was a different story. Then she liked it! Gotta love kids!

  3. Great picture! I'd thought my oldest would really go for the whole mash the cake thing, but he didn't. He just picked at it carefully and tried not to get messy. Who knew? YellowBoy, however, is a cake masher. I have great pictures of him.