Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thrifting...Not Bad For a Guy...

I made a run to the bank this morning. The branch nearest our house is not open on Saturdays, so I had to leave the mountain. There is a branch just at the foot of the mountain that is open Saturdays. After I finished my banking business, I decided to make a quick stop at a nearby church. This relatively new "Calvary Church" was having a thrift sale to raise money to send some of their older kids on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I really love the prices that you find at church thrift sales, and as you may know, I am always on the hunt for interesting bottles for our hummingbird feeders...and anything else that I cannot resist, or that cannot resist me:-)

Below is a picture of my "finds"...some practical, some not...Pyrex measuring cup, strainer, 3 books of interest to me, 2 bottles for hummingbird feeders, Royal Stafford collector saucer, and stone/concrete nativity scene. Can anyone tell me what the real "find" is in this group? BTW, I spent $4 for the lot...

A hummingbird actually feeding from one of our feeders...yippee!
A chipmunk munching on some snack stolen from my bird feeders
Peace and blessings...Have a Happy Fourth!


  1. Hey there! Happy 4th of July. It looks as if you got a bunch of great thrift items. I love church sales. They are so reasonable and going for such good causes. Hugs to you and yours today and happy weekend! Anne

  2. We have so many hummingbirds out here! My best feeder got clogged with bees, and my prettiest one, which really didn't work all that well, broke when I was cleaning it. For a couple of years I had a rufus who thought the feeder belonged only to him. If it got low, he would dive-bomb me, and he chased all the other birds away.
    MY guess would be one of the bottles as a real find.

  3. Jeff, I dont' know what "the find" was for you... but for me it would have to be that little plate that says Penticton BC. You may or may not recall a post I did recently for Alphabe-Thursday letter O, about the Ogopogo, the sea monster in Okanogan Lake.
    Well, Penticton is one of the communities on the shores of Okanogan Lake!!
    So for me, that plate is the treasure among your garage sale finds.

  4. Oh good finds! That looks like fun. What mountain might I ask? Perhaps I should read your profile and see where you reside?

  5. Ok, I read it. Look Out Mountain Tennessee (duh) We have a Lookout mountain here in Colorado too! My mom's family is from your neck of the woods (sort of) Ft. Oglethorpe GA to be exact but a lot of her time growing up was spent in Tenn.


    Please pick 2 to 5 awards from the post.
    Enjoy the fun!

  7. Jeff very good thrifting!! I like the little nativity scene a lot. My guess is the plate is the best buy unless that green or blue bottle is really old. I can't tell from the photos! Still all great deals at $4 for the lot! I love the photo of a hummingbird on one of your feeders. I am going to get one from Mrs. C for sure!!

  8. Maybe the collector's saucer? I bought a 2 cup measuring cup recently and it was 3.99 if I remember correctly. Of course I wouldn't want to pay that for a used one even if it wasn't harmed. lol. I love bottles and have a small collection I got from my mother but I'm not sure of the worth.
    I like the humming bird feeder very much.