Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reflections in Photography and Writing

Alphabe-Thursday class is finished, yet our teacher asks for one last post...of our choosing. I am choosing to post some new photographs and a writing piece I composed and posted last week, and one not related to a particular meme. MrsC and I went downtown on Sunday so that I could take some reflection photographs. So...reflection photographs and a writing reflection. I hope you enjoy, and I hope to meet up again soon in our 'colors class'...Peace and blessings to you all...

Upstairs Room

I opened the door and walked into what was a sparsely decorated upstairs room...simple, wooden chair beside a small, round, wooden table. On the table was a rather large, leather-bound book and a plain ceramic vase holding some beautiful yellow flowers. The room, save for the chair and table, was quite empty, yet, nonetheless had a certain indescribable warmth and sunniness to it.

I had followed the signs leading up the stairs and down the hallway to this place, this room, where I hoped to open the "Book of Knowledge". I was not quite certain just what to expect of a place that housed a 'book' in which would be found all knowledge, all thought, all history, time in memoriam. I had often thought, perhaps, it would be a grand library with many volumes, necessary to hold such a vast amount of information. What I found instead was this simple room with a small table and chair positioned, as if not by accident, next to a sun-filled window looking out over a large expanse of fields. I was a bit puzzled, and had it not been for the sign on the wall..."Welcome. Have a seat. Smell the flowers. Open the book"...I might have gone back out the door thinking I had taken a wrong turn.

So, I sat in the chair, looking briefly out the window at the magnificent fields that stretched to the horizon. I could smell the flowers on the table beside me. Their odor was indescribably intoxicating, and for a moment I almost forgot what had brought me to this room, so full of anticipation and expectation.

I picked up the large, thick book and laid it in my lap. A certain hesitancy came over me. Seeing, opening this book was a desire I had cultivated for as long as I could remember. Perhaps it was the thought of the old cliche, "too much knowledge is a dangerous thing" that encouraged this hesitancy. I closed my eyes, took in a slow, deep breath, slowly exhaled and opened the front cover. I opened my eyes, and looking down, saw my reflection in a time worn mirror. The reflection, my reflection, simultaneously showed the lines and contours of youth and age, happiness and sadness, foolishness and wisdom. After a few moments I turned the mirrored page over to reveal the next, a blank one, save for the hand written word at the top, "Write".

I wrote this today as I was at the front desk of our church office, where I volunteer on Thursday mornings. As I was writing this I thought of an old family friend, Jac, who had recently passed away at the age of 99. he was a fine writer and thinker. I dedicate this very short story to him...Peace and blessings...


  1. Wow! That made me think!

    I try to avoid doing that too much, as I dont know how many brain cells we were each born with, and I don't want to use them all up too early in life.

  2. Jeff this is one of my favorites now! Really good. Thanks for making me give some thought to what knowledge really is.

  3. Jeff. Oh my goodness. What an amazing dedication to someone who was obviously a wonderful man. This was one of your best works. Evocative. Poetic. Spare. Beautiful.

    Thank you.

  4. Lovely short story. Very much in the flavor of J.L. Borges, whom I adore.

  5. This drew me in from the get go! Great imagination and powerful stuff!

    BTW - my father-in-law is 99 1/2!

  6. Love exploring and reading the many facets of your talents Jeff!

  7. I love this post Jeff. The photos are amazing, you really have a great eye for the reflection shots. And the story really, really spoke to me on so many levels. I've been feeling the pull to write more and more. And to paraphrase those silly Nike ads, I think I need to just do it! Kat

  8. What a great dedication to your family friend. I bet he had a great wealth of knowledge at 99. I'm sure he would be pleased with this story you dedicated to him. Great post.

  9. You are such a talented man! I am so glad that you have found this wonderful outlet to display your talents! I am so proud of you! Much love from Mrs. C

  10. The photos are wonderful. I love that you went to the city to take just that type of picture.

    I love your book piece too. What a special room!

  11. A wonderful memorial to a wonderful person. Great images and a great post. So reflective and inspirational.

    Wishing you a great weekend,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you have the time to join me!

  12. Reflections of...
    The way it used to be...

    Oh wait...sorry for that musical interlude...

    I love your photography. These are particularly neat. In your spare time you should try interpretting them to water know, just when you have nothing else to do!

    And that last link was one of my favorites.

    You can really write. And capture lovely images.

    U R cool. And this was a great Alphabet Soup link up!

    Thank you!


  13. Loved this Jeff. What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. You captured the essence of life.

  14. Wonderful words. Thanks for sharing. I have had trouble visiting 1/2 of the posts the last 3 weeks. Business with family, ect. But this week I have went through my assignment and have started over hoping to hit everyone!

  15. what a wonderful tribute to your friend ... and i love your description of him ... "a fine writer and thinker" ... the story itself is really well written and quite divine ... well done!

  16. There is a real depth to your writing Jeff. You say so much in such a short piece! A lovely tribute to your friend.

    BTW - I love the photo with the church reflected in the very bottom of the long window :)