Thursday, September 16, 2010

Color Is All Around Us

Our world is awash in color, and although I could be accused of having too much interest in monochromatic and grey scale photography, I nonetheless am a huge fan of color. My favorite colors are those that would be associated with the American Southwest. Problem is, I live far away from the bounty of earth hues and tones of that beloved area. So I do what I can from my rainbow perch here in little ol Tennessee.

MrsC and I went on one of our regular photo outings the other evening, venturing down to our local waterfront area in downtown, beautiful Chattanooga, adjacent to the mighty Tennessee River. It is a wonderful location where locals and visitors alike congregate on nice evenings to play, take in the peaceful moments, to take pictures. I hope you enjoy these pictures that I took the other day and earlier this year from this riverside haunt that we so love.

A bit of love...and some vibrant color...
A young woman who was there with two, twin boys and her husband.
Kathy remarked that I had taken so many pictures of her...really not that many...must have been the bright red bag ;-)
So many colors in one 'burst'...
Colorful sky as our sun sets...
and the moon rises...
This is our final post for Alphabe-Thursday, Rainbow Summer School. I would like to thank Jenny Matlock, and all the wonderful bloggers associated with this many new and wonderful friends...puts a bit of 'color' into my world. See ya soon, I hope.
Peace and blessings
Jenny Matlock


  1. The perspective you captured those last two from is amazing! Lovely ending to the rainbow summer.

  2. Wonderful shots...and the last two are pretty mind-boggling!


  3. Oh Jeff once again your photos are so fantastic!

  4. The photo of the moon, perfectly "framed," is incredible.

  5. Yeah it was the red bag, I am sure of it! Great pics Jeff!

  6. Lovely pics. I love pictures of the moon.

  7. I am a fan of your photography ... the moon shot is stellar ... love the composition of the first shot, and the colour and depth in the 2nd ... i could go on an on ... they are all wonderfull!

  8. I love all of the shots. I love the orange tote too!!!

  9. This is certainly a beautiful place for pictures. Nice end to rainbow summer school.


  10. Jeff, I love this post! You have this sense of vision in your work that always surprises me!

    I have a deal for you.

    Let's trade houses for the autumn. You can enjoy the colors of the desert and have a great home base to wander at will all around PLUS you can enjoy the still 110 degree heat!

    And I will enjoy fresh morning air with autumn leaves dancing in the breeze.

    AND we can even swap dogs!

    I think we should do this soon!

    Thanks for linking!

    You're amazing.