Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Superstitions, Good Luck Charms, and Hats

I would think of myself as moderately superstitious...not overly so, yet not devoid of its casual 'charms'. Some 14 years ago I went on a fishing adventure with my son, my dad, brother-in-law, and his son. We traveled to Boca Grande Florida for a week's fishing for mostly Tarpon, a very large and most exciting prey. We had rented a condo adjacent to one of the inlets. One afternoon, early evening I decided to walk along the narrow, sandy beach that ran out to where inlet meets Gulf. I was casting a medium sized jig along the shore, catching a fair number of Snook, a remarkable fish. At one point I glanced down to the sand and noticed an object that did not appear natural. I reached down a picked up a mostly buried ball cap, the one you see in the picture above. Turned out to be a Guy Harvey signature cap with a Snook embroidered on the front. Here I was catching snook and then finding a practically new ball cap with a Snook on it. Since that discovery I have worn this cap above all others, considering it somewhat of a good luck charm.

There have been occasions when I have misplaced it or have left it in a restaurant, but have managed to recover it quickly. Recently this happened again, and try as I might, could not find it anywhere. I resigned myself to the grave possibility that it might be gone...forever. Strange how this possibility affected my mood, my emotion...that a mature 56 yr. old man could attach such emotion to a faded, weathered and worn old cap. MrsC stated the obvious, yet less than comforting fact, that I had other caps to wear.

Well, long story short...I found it! It was underneath a book in a chair in the foyer. Happy days! My somber mood quickly turned around. I was however humbled by what an insignificant item can do. Before I found it I did find some peace and resolve that I could move on, forge ahead through the darkness that had descended upon me.


  1. Jeff--You have a picturesque way of putting things..."casual charms" is a delightful expression. I don't know if you like humorous writing, but Lewis Grizzard (now dead) is one of my favorite southern writers. His books are usually essays/short stories, making them great "bathroom reading." He has a unique style, that kind of reminds me of your writing.

    Perhaps you should vow to NEVER take the cap off ever again, so you don't misplace it and perhaps--the next time---never find it again. Don't even take it off to shampoo your hair...The charm of the cap it too valuable to risk losing it. You'll discover that soon your head will be surrounded by a "darkness" of swarming gnats and flies and other winged creatures.

  2. Well Jeff I love you hat!! I think 'things' become somewhat of a good luck charm or a object to comfort us. Glad you found it but yes you would have been fine without it.

  3. I know you think that hat is your "lucky hat" and I am so glad that you found it! As I say when thinks dissapear, they are not lost, they are "on vacation". If things are supposed to be found, they are! So I guess that hat was meant to be with you.

  4. Having been lost, and again found, that hat is most definitely a part of you forever!

    Jeff, what do you charge for your hummingbird feeders? Are they bee-proof?

  5. Glad you found your hat! Isn't it funny how it's always in the last place you left it? Ha ha!