Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue-Eyed Mary

Welcome to another edition of Alphabe-Thursday, Rainbow Colors Summer School. This week Rainbow Color Challenge is the color Blue. I knew right away what I would post...the annual wildflower, the Blue-Eyed Mary. The Blue-Eyed Mary, Collinsia verna, is a member of the Figwort family. It is one of few truly blue wildflowers that you will ever see. It has a very short blooming period during Tennessee springtime, and I consider myself fortunate to have captured this photo last spring. It is currently listed as endangered in Tennessee. Please visit Alphabe-Thursday for other wonderful posts that will put you in a "Blue" mood.

When winter's chill has scarce left earth
And April winds blow "Hey down derry !"
Comes gaily dancing down my hill
Sweet, laughing, Blue-eyed-mary.

She wears a dress of bronzy green
Draped round her light and airy;
She lifts the loveliest face I've seen
Brave, tender, Blue-eyed-mary.

Her eyes shine like the azure sky,
Her step light as a fairy;
Her face, no crystal drift so white,
Dear, steadfast, Blue-eyed-wary.

My hat is off to Bouncing Bet,
Gill-over-the-ground runs quite contrary,
Black-eyed-Susan is my pet,
But I'm in love with Blue-eyed-mary.

- Gene Stratton Porter

Jenny Matlock


  1. What a beautiful flower. I've never heard of or seen one. Such a shame it's endangered. Can they propagate it easily? Lovely photo!

  2. I have never seen/heard of them either...they are simply beautiful! So is your music!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful little flower. I've never heard of it before, but I think I'm in love with it too. Wonderful poem.


  4. This is wonderful. The poem just flows.

  5. isn't that just the prettiest little flower! i have never seen it or heard of it before ... it sure is lovely!

  6. Love this...the great Beautiful...and I really do love the poem...thank you for posting..bkm

  7. I love what blue inspired you to do!!!

  8. Love the blue in that photo!

    Happy Rainbow Blue,


    btw My Rainbow Blue link is here for you!

  9. Sigh. Such a beautiful shot, and I loved that poem you found. Really nice combination, Jeff.

  10. Love this little flower and the poem that accompanies it!


  11. You have a really neat ability to make the everyday look unusual. You have such a talent for taking photos and I enjoyed your poem as well. i look forward to our photoshop class, we will learn even more.

  12. Jeff. What a gorgeous, gorgeous flower. I would love seeing this. Does it have a scent? I always imagine a slightly violet tinged perfume to it.

    Your photographs are always amazing. You take something so simple and lovely and turn it into a masterpiece.

    Thank you for linking.

    Your post soothed my soul today.