Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Great Escape, Part 2

"What will they do with us? Well, they may cut your innards out, and cook ya. Or they might carve you up into ugly faces."

"But Grandpa, I don't want leave, and I sure don't want to be eviscerated (a mighty big word for such a young punkin)."

"I thought that maybe if I wished hard enough that I might grow some legs and run away. So far nothin. But Baby Huey, maybe, just maybe, if you wish real, real hard, you can grow legs and get outta here."

So, baby Huey closed his one umbilical eye and proceeded to descend into his deepest pumpkin meditation, mentally repeating the mantra,

"Grow legs for me and Grandpa, Grow legs for me and Grandpa, Grow legs for me and Grandpa..."


  1. I hope he turns into a flying pumpkin and flies far away from there too . Great take on the prompt .

  2. Pumpkins with legs, babies not wishing to get picked...moving on to the next page...can't wait

  3. I'm crossing my fingers here. After all, Halloween is magical, right? Anything can happen...


  4. Hilarious! Excuse me while I look up "eviscerated."

  5. I'm thinking Catapult!:D ~Ames

  6. I loved ... eviscerated (a mighty big word for such a young punkin)
    Please say he grew some legs!

  7. Let them grow legs! Can't wait to move on to part 3!

  8. Closed his one umbilical eye? What a tremendous line! Loved this link, Jeff.

    You are quite fired up over the whole pumpkin patch !

    Thanks for the smile.

    And, hey, could you read link 12? I couldn't get on there at all!