Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Great Escape, Part 3

After a few minutes baby Huey opened his one eye and hesitantly looked down. To his surprise he had grown...Legs! He quickly looked over at Grandpa, who had fallen fast asleep. Grandpa had legs too!

He hollered, "Grandpa, Grandpa," but he did not hear him.

Huey got up on his new legs, walked over to Grandpa, and kicked him in the rind.

" What, what are ya doin Huey!"

"Grandpa, it worked. We've got legs. Let's get goin!"

As we end our story (at least all of it we will ever know), we can see two orange pumpkins, one big and one small, their rinds glistening in the morning sun, making their way through the rows, then through the dew ladened grass, finally disappearing into the distant forest.


  1. what a nice happily ever after tale :)

  2. Kicked him in the rind. I think my grandpa would have skinned my innards and toasted my seeds...this was just super fun!!!

  3. Thank goodness. I can picture the two pumpkins getting the heck out of there. This was such a sweet story.

  4. What a marvelous adventure this was, from beginning to end. And the pumpkin patch photo was amazing. Ah, to be young again and to believe that all things are possible....

    I believe you have the makings of a wonderful children's book here. Adults often derive profound messages through children's books. Great creative writing, Jeff!

  5. Will there be a part IV? I just want to make sure Grandpa's rind is okay. That's where all the, you know, important stuff is and all.

  6. their rinds glistening ... wonderfully written
    I just loved this :o)

  7. Thank goodness maybe telling them was best at least they get to live the rest of their lives in the wild . Maybe to be eaten by some passing hungry beast . Probably less painful that being sliced open and having your guts ripped out with a serated knife then slowly being burned from the inside out by a candle. To then turn mouldy and end up as compost

  8. Yeah! I love a happy ending.


  9. Well, Jeff, you done done it agin! The imagine of those two-legged pumpkins fading into the forest makes me happy indeed. You are the best!


    I kinda got a flash of "Field of Dreams" there at the end.

  10. This was wonderful Jeff! I haven't posted mine yet, just got back from Dallas and discovered I was tagged in a writing meme. And I am tagging you. Hey, don't get mad, it's Tom's fault. When I saw where the story was leading (it has birds and everything) I immediately thought of you to continue. And after reading this, I know I made the "write" choice - groan. Pop over and check it out, very fast and easy. Kat

  11. Huey and Grandpa! Awwww....this was wonderful. I can see this set to a musical score...ala if I only had a brain kinda rhythm.

    Super cool.

    You're right. Wayyyy better than the dark-side I visited in my writing.

  12. Love the pumpkin escape! (All three alter ego's versions) Thanks for sharing!