Saturday, October 9, 2010

Room In My Mind

It is a Saturday,
and time once again,
for Saturday Centus
with my 'Centurion' friends.
With a prompt we are lead
to write creatively,
with Miss Jenny, our teacher,
guiding us lovingly.
Using only 100 words, or less,
each one of us trying
to do our best.
I urge you to go
and check out SC,
where you will find prose,
and some poetry.
Without further ado,
I'll give what I've got,
hot off the presses,
terribly hot.

Room In My Mind
I pace the floor
of this room
in my mind...
A small space
i've created
that no one can find.

Create it indeed
with no windows or door...
Foolish planning I think
as I pace the floor.

What will I do
if I decide
this is not best?
Being in this room
in my mind
where I thought
i might rest.

I try to cry out
I scream, I shout.
Yet there is no one
to hear me,
no one about.
If I had a hammer
i'd bust my way out.

With no windows, no door,
no tools to free me...
i'm resigned to this plight,
this absurd destiny.

All of a sudden
a sound from above!
The bird has returned,
my mental 'white dove'...
has brought renewed hope,
and, quite possibly,

Jenny Matlock


  1. What a lovely ending, I loved it :o)

  2. I think, without a doubt, I have been in this room!

  3. Jeff, I just read your comment on my Centus...I think you have a point about the guy sentiments. I am going to have to think about that, and it would be good writing practice for POV to force a gender change.

  4. This was very well done. I think everyone at one time or another feels like they are in the room with no windows or doors. I love the concept of the white dove coming. Great job.

  5. REally great pictures painted here! Thank you!

  6. I live in this room most of the time. I've got a white dove or two who help me out when I've been there too long.

    Exquisitely written.

  7. This is beautiful. I especially like the reference to a 'mental white dove.'
    Have a great weekend.

  8. I was right with you, all the way through.

    Really nice.


  9. Sounds like one of my nightmares. Oh how our mind can torture us! You are very good at writting poems!~Ames

  10. wow I loved that what imagination you have

  11. Wonderfully imagined. I loved the hopeful ending.

  12. Lovely poem. Here your hammer is a tool that could help you escape from this room. Nice ending with the dove and love.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC Week 23

  13. this was just precious. A plethora of emotion packed in here. Just loved it

  14. Is there ANYTHING you don't do well??

  15. This is such a creative take on the starter. Lovely poem with a hopeful ending!


  16. oh I love the imagery there - thank you for sharing!

  17. This was wonderful Jeff. What a beautiful and different use of the prompt. And I love the last stanza. Kat

  18. The Mind is the biggest challenge. Enjoyed the peek into your mind.

  19. wow, jeff!

    this beautiful poem speaks directly to my heart. your images are so sturdy, they give the piece great weight.


    PS: i admit to an anti-guy flavor to my post, but i've written a lot more good guy stuff than negative! i happen to adore guys. it's about the creativity and good writing, not the sentiment.

  20. Hey, scootch over Jeff. You're crowding me in this tiny little room.

    Love the imagery in this. Love the blast of the prompt words like a cry to battle.

    The intro was fabulous, too, but then you went into even more amazing poetry.

    I feel like you've given me a gift here.

    This was wonderful and really spoke to things with me right now!

    Hugs and thank you!