Saturday, October 9, 2010

When I See This, I See Me

It is no coincidence that my first trip to Writer's Island brings me to this wonderful photograph. When I see this, I see me. So how is it that this can be?

I am a photographer. I have spent many hours studying the techniques, pouring over photo after photo of photographers who reached their photographic prime before the wholesale advent of color photography. What they leave us is a vast array of greyscale, monochromatic treasure.

Black and white, sepia...many, often confusing, names for what are simply photographs that lack what I refer to as 'natural color'. The early progenitors of the photographic arts simply lacked equipment to bring us subjects in their 'natural color'. Because of this lack of technology, what they could bring to bear, was attention to light, detail and emotion that is often missing in color photography.

My friends and family might suggest that I create way too much monochromatic material...that somehow this monochromatic obsession speaks to my frame of mind. Perhaps...except there are those brief moments when the colors are striking, and get my attention, and I will lift the curtain on my monochrome world...

Peace and blessings, and "welcome" to my blog...

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  1. I love monochromatic photography, there's such a feel and atmosphere to them, I enjoyed reading this, an interesting post :o)

  2. Comparing monochrome and colour photography is like comparing radio and television: the pictures are better from radio! And from an artist's point of view, working from black and white photos or sketches mean that the form is much clearer, leaving us to put our own interpretation on the colour. I enjoyed your contribution.

  3. another great post that lets us readers into your world. monochromatic vs color? i agree with vivinfrance that there is no way to compare. i love all of your photos! see you later in the week when i post my SC........cj

  4. What's with the monochromatic stuff??? I know you are colorful, and SO DO YOU! You make it sound like all you do or write is black and white or sepia, but that is not true! Even b/w can have color if you look at it the right way!!

  5. Glad to see you stay awake and know life as it is.
    lovely reflection!