Saturday, October 16, 2010

Magical Night, Part 2

Rani, Durin and Fira flew about in the trees that lined Maple Street.
"Oh Rani and Durin, how I would love to eat some candy", said Fira.

"But Fira, we were told never to try and mingle with humans", exclaimed Durin.

"And except for our wings, we are naked", said Rani.

Fira, a quite magical seamstress, promptly cloaked our mischievous trio in garments of sewn, red maple leaves. They quickly left the trees and lit on the front stoop of a large, old white house.

Jenny Matlock


  1. This is sounding sneaky.....~Ames

  2. oh beautiful words of the costumes...picturing something magical...moving on again...

  3. Love the names and the red maple leaves...........cj

  4. Love the names...and the clothes sound magical!